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... and one more version. I have ordered this from OshPark, let's see if it works.
Looking forware to no longer having to jumper the drives or mod the cables for A / B etc.
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hi Everyone
« Last post by LambdaMikel on Today at 06:41 »
You got a nice looking CPC there! Good job restoring it like that!
Welcome to the board  :)
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hi Everyone
« Last post by SkulleateR on Today at 02:39 »
Welcome here and have a lot of fun  8)
Games / Re: Iron Lord by UBISoft
« Last post by jackic on Today at 02:38 »
I'd just love a version in English..
Not that hard with the proper motivation, you just need the time, a simple hex editor can do the trick as the graphics don't need, mostly, to be altered in any way.

Thanks mate!
Technical Support / Re: Editing a game
« Last post by neilyone on Today at 02:13 »
WOW-so much to learn about the Amstrad. Oodles of info online. Who would of thought that after all these years the games still entertain and the system did so much :)
Programming / Screen construction in isometric games
« Last post by ervin on Today at 01:29 »
Hi folks.

Something I've wondered about for a long time is how screens are constructed in isometric games.
For example, when you walk into a new room in Head Over Heels, I'd love to be able to see the screen being drawn and all the objects being placed. It would be a very interesting learning exercise.

I presume that all inks are set to black, the screen is constructed, then all the inks are set to the appropriate colours.
And this is to hide the construction phase.
But it's so interesting to see it happening in something like Last Ninja on the C64, though that game's screen construction is very slow.

I wonder if it's possible to patch a game like HoH, Batman, Knightlore or Alien 8 to skip the code that sets all inks to black when entering a new screen...
Can't find the book on that page..
Games / Re: Gamebase CPC V33 happening soon
« Last post by SRS on Yesterday at 22:12 »
My first try to send a "own" torrent. Try this (will seed next few days evenings)

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