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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Dandanator Mini 1.3 - WIP
« Last post by Audronic on Today at 01:06 »

NO Payment required, Thanks anyway.

Technical Support / Re: CPC to HDMI
« Last post by Audronic on Today at 00:55 »

Does anyone know if this is any good Has anyone used one?  Could it be used to connect the CPC to a PC for screen recording? Cheers, Peter

Hi Peter

Yes I use one of these BUT I had to add a 330 Ohm resistor from +5 Volts to Pin 16.

My GX4000 say:Thank you!
I love "Sol Negro", "Frank N Stein" and "Turbo Girl/ Turbo Bike"
This games are very good.
Can you converted? ;)

I played Sol Negro, probably the most difficult game ever made

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Technical Support / Re: CPC to HDMI
« Last post by VincentGR on Yesterday at 23:59 »
I have one of these, ok for the money but don't expect a clean image.
Also 60Hz and latency are not my cup of tea for gaming.

For screen recording you will also need a grabber.
Technical Support / Re: CPC to HDMI
« Last post by revaldinho on Yesterday at 22:25 »
I have one of these SCART to HDMI converters. I think I paid about £20 for it on eBay, similar to the link in @tjohnson 's mail.

It's fine and I've got no plans to replace it. Perhaps I'm not really very picky but I thought the display was good on my 17" HDMI TV and now I'm using it through a HDMI->VGA adapter on an old flat panel 15" LCD. The picture still looks good to me and way better than the old CPC CRT anyway. Seems to default to 800x600@60Hz.

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Dandanator Mini 1.3 - WIP
« Last post by Dandare on Yesterday at 21:53 »
Well, all java code is ready and tested. In one button press, the Arduino gets programmed and the Dandanator updated. Nothing else to do but plug the arduino to the PC and to the Dandanator.

overCLK is integrating the code into the main Romset creator and I'll also write an step-by-step manual for Nano and Uno, including purchase links for arduinos.

And this is how it looks. Just press "Programar"

13 people from the forum have ordered a total of 15 CPC Dandanators

Only 5 are affected (total 6 CPC Dandanators) (Please, read the end of the message)
 - Audronics (2)
 - Asertus
 - Gryzor
 - Gunhed
 - ComSoft6128

The other 8 people (9 CPC Dandanators) will receive the cartridge with the correct JED loaded. So you guys just forget all this :) .
 - remax
 - villain
 - zhulien (2)
 - LambdaMikel
 - gros_minet
 - rennert
 - Jungsi
 - Fedeo

Since this is MY FAULT and mine only, and you are too far away for getting together in a retro event, I'm willing to pay for the arduinos nano you need to correct it.  So, for those of you in the first list, just drop me a PM with your PayPal account and I'll send you 2€ for the Nano. I'm sorry for the hassle, but I believe we are making the upgrade process quite painless.

I hope the manual will be online by the end of January.
Technical Support / Re: 6128 turning on then off
« Last post by Blurredman on Yesterday at 21:41 »
I have an mp1 and an mp2 as well as two green screens other than my usual colour monitor. But I've not had a problem with my 464 and 3 other 6128s?

Edit: Tested the mainboard with other monitors and same problem.  ::)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: What's "wrong" with CRTC 2?
« Last post by Longshot on Yesterday at 21:09 »
From what i remember, the cursor was flickering.
So i'm surprised to discover it was a bug  :o .This game uses page flipping between 8000/C000.
It looks like there is some confusion between the two video pages when displaying the cursor.It smells like a bad init of the interrupt counter. Needs to be investigated.
Technical Support / Re: CPC to HDMI
« Last post by tjohnson on Yesterday at 20:43 »
Yeah, that is what it looks like. :(


I did see someone using one on an PC old computer and it looked like it worked very well, I've been tempted to get one to give it a try but haven't got round to it.
Technical Support / Re: CPC to HDMI
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Yesterday at 20:31 »
Yeah, that is what it looks like. :(


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