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Applications / Re: Arkos Tracker 2 - Released!
« Last post by Targhan on Today at 16:48 »

>I tried to remove the volume effect, but it doesn't work very well because i haven't succeded to apply correctly the same volume drop for all instruments.

It shouldn't be very hard, if the volume is E, decrease each line of your instrument volume of 1. D = 2, and so on...

No, there isn't a way to decrease the song volume, but you can do it programmatically quite easily. AFTER initializing the song, you can set in labels:
PLY_LW_Track1_TrackInvertedVolume / PLY_LW_Track2_TrackInvertedVolume / PLY_LW_Track3_TrackInvertedVolume
how many volume step to decrease. This will not affect the sound effects.
Hello Peter,

I just used Google, like I assume you've been doing to find the various things you've found.

This is the link:

to the complete May '87 issue.   You need to extract pages 58 - 61 from the complete .PDF.

I've just checked again, there's nothing in the June issue, but I've not looked any further.

I don't believe that Google would find these, as the key text is hidden in the .PDF which is in effect a graphics format here.   The item you found before must have been indexed, or referenced as literal text in some way, to have been found.


Games / Re: CPCRETRODEV 2018 feedback for NON top games
« Last post by tjohnson on Today at 16:21 »
I haven't had a chance to try out the games much, I did try the one that came last and the graphics looked ok but it appeared quite bugged and unfinished.  I wonder if they'll be a competition next year, it would be nice to try and get an entry in.
Hi Geoff,

I was looking for scans for all the issues of the magazine for 87/88 but only found a few.
Please supply a link to the next issue.


'any other scans' than what?

As indicated, I found the scan of the next issue, which has a 4 page continuation, and notes about software (although no details of the software) and information about how to buy the software (now well out of date).

The first article says 'to be continued', the second article does not, so it may be complete.

I've traced the address for Mr Frost, and I've sent him a letter to ask.   If I hear anything, I'll report back.   I assume he's now retired, I think he's now more interested in photography?   But, we'll see.

Anyone who knows about these things - how does this project compare with the various setups you can get now for PC related scopes and mini scopes, and separate LCD type things for £20-40?

The completion of this project may just not be economic now?   Although the information that might be learned from it, and the software, might be very valuable?

Or try have some kids. Your Retro time will become so rare that you will cherish every moment of it.


until they get hooked on "The Teddy Bear game" (Fun School) or "The Ostrich one" (Chucky Egg) and then you need 2 CPC's just to have one for yourself!

My Nathan is a good fella really!

Amstrad CPC hardware / Virtual Net96 adaptors
« Last post by CraigsBar on Today at 14:51 »
Hi All,

For my next retro party I'd love to have some 4 player "Power Tetris" action going on my 2 CPC 464's, however this means I need to get hold of 2 VirtualNet96 adaptors and a cable (or a cable with the required components built into each end) that is long enough to reach between 2 CPC 464's side by side (About 1.5m I guess woudl be long enough with some flexability)

Does anyone want to help me out on this. If so please let me know and tell me how much you woudl want to produce the this and I'll pay you the cash via Paypal witha "ti" for a few beers on me.

In case you do not know what is required here is the specification of the adaptors.

Many thanks

Games / Re: CPCRETRODEV 2018 feedback for NON top games
« Last post by skylas on Today at 12:59 »
Of course i would prefer to take at least 1 point from jury, but my goal was only participation, and i dont have a problem with that.
This game was made by me in a more basic way before 20 years, when i was 16. Of course i had lost the disk, and some months ago, when i found out that there is a contest, i decided to make it again- i didn't remember many things, only the general way i had made it. I tried, i looked into the manuals of cpc again, and what i paid much attention is to make a game, not necessarily very good, but make a game that is definitely playable, and possibly enjoyable. 
I am very happy that i managed to do it, as my very limited knowledge in amstrad programming and in computer programming generally allows me to use only 20-30 basic commands. It was something like a dream for me to participate!
I only transferred the last version, as well as the one from CPC RetroDev. It is the first time it happens. Note that loading with HxCFloppyEmulator works, but crashes on export. It is probably not your fault, since Winape loads it correctly. Don't worry too much. I'll rather contact the dev of the software.
Alright. Meanwhile I've posted a fifth version of TimmyGun with a slower sniper in the early stages, several small tweaks, and a bugfix: bullets shot above the top edge of the screen aren't ignored. Player and enemies can now kill each other while standing on the highest platforms.
P.S.: I just reuploaded it after noticing that a bit I had written while on the laptop (enemies that jump vertically also look at the player) wasn't on the desktop.
Applications / Re: Arkos Tracker 2 - Released!
« Last post by Arnaud on Today at 11:03 »
No, remove the use of the volume effect in the patterns (V effect). Then in the generated "config" file, you won't see the "useEffects" line. The gain is quite substantial.
And obviously, lower the volumes of your instruments instead (the "volume" column besides the "noise" column).
I tried to remove the volume effect, but it doesn't work very well because i haven't succeded to apply correctly the same volume drop for all instruments.

Is there a way to apply a volume overall to a song as do with speed ?
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