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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
« Last post by robcfg on Today at 10:04 »
Well, congratulations!

For me it’s simply one of the best expansions ever done for the CPC.

When I look at wifi expansions for other systems, I miss the nice touch of having the web interface and ease of use.

You should paint one of the pcbs in gold and put it on a frame to celebrate this achievement!

I'll add that to my YT video :)
News & Events / Re: BLAST ANNUAL 2020: VOL 2 PDF now available
« Last post by ikari on Today at 09:34 »
I'm volunteering to translate the entire book to Polish. Why? Just to say "well f**k you too" to all the French-only publications! :x :D
Try to click at drive A (or B) first, then the "@" will turn into the drive letter. (Also it helps to switch additional ROMs off).

the program tries to read from the floppy drive if I do that  :-X
Why using NVRAM, while you can write persistant data into a ROM Board, a mass storage, a floppy disc?

Reserving slots means that programs will not have slots, or not use a full slot, or will waste slots (many undisclosed projects) ...
it is an archaic use of this memory done by very old 8-bit console systems that do not have backup manager implemented.
Programming / Re: Locomotive BASIC - The Game Of Life.
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 08:55 »
Hi @zhulien ,

Good question and having had a second (and third!) look at the program I would say not.........But as per the ACU article (above) some behaviour may not be observable:

"There are other famous patterns which cannot be completed on a screen the size of the Amstrad's but which have been explored on Other systems. One which does get off to a good start is the glider gun which shoots off gliders every so often but you only get one, or two if you’re lucky, on the Amstrad’s screen."

I ran one session of the program for a thousand generations (gave me time to get breakfast :) ) and then played back the recorded video.
Stable/static "colonies" formed at generation 120 with a few "blinkers" still on the screen and that's the way it stayed right thru to generation 1000.

Might be best if you had a look at it yourself and see what you find.



Applications / Re: ImpDOS
« Last post by m_dr_m on Today at 07:33 »
Great! It's so handy to have a COPY RSX, which displays what it is doing (almost (: ).

Any comments, desires ?

Lot of desire, my body is on fire.

1. |copy,"source","dest" where source is the current drive+directory, if no explicit mention.
2. "dest": use drive name or mount point (e.g. a:, sd:) rather than arbitrary numbers. Well, like unidos (:
3. |mv,"source","dest".  dest can be just a directory (in the same device).
Emulators / Re: CPCemu 2.0 released
« Last post by CPCBEGIN on Today at 07:03 »
But still one question: Have you tried to share a DSK file with CPCemu from your file explorer or your browser? This has always worked for me, yet.
Yes, but when I share a DSK from my file explorer my phone doesn't offer me CPCEmu, only Telegram, Whatsapp, etc...
How can you get to share this files with CPCEmu?

Don't care about this, we try your new version, this is the process to fix software with betatesters  ;)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: LambdaSpeak FS
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 03:02 »
Thanks to Genesis 8, here is the actual software for the LFS:

The RAM RSX doesn't work at the moment (MiguelSky pointed me at that bug), but I will render it working soon. Will keep you updated...  :) :) :)
I can't be the first this is happened to. 50% of the time I remove a 464 takeup reel the tiny circlip/split washer that holds it down ceases to exist, despite it being in my fingers milliseconds earlier. I need a supply of these things so that I can stop messing about with bits of wire. In the service manual this is the 809175 Fibre washer.

Can anybody recommend somewhere to get them?
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