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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Newbie needs help!
« Last post by robcfg on Today at 08:35 »
I agree that the 6128 is the machine to go for.

If, for any reason you decide to get a 664, you'll be also needing a memory expansion and, most probably, a new keyboard membrane.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Newbie needs help!
« Last post by mr_lou on Today at 07:55 »

I think the CPC6128 is the "main" CPC to get. There are relatively many of them around, so the price is decent. It is also the one most current users have.

My personal favorite is the CPC464 though, but that's just because it's the one I grew up with, and that's probably how it is for many people.

The CPC664 is more rare and therefor somewhat expensive. I'd say it's more of a collector's CPC nowadays than it's one being used.

Dunno about the plus machines really....  they're supposed to be better and all, and should therefor theoretically run everything, but that's not my experience. I've stumbled over many games that didn't run on the plus. Although nowadays a lot of those games has been patched to work with the plus.

So... if you'd like to see new releases and such, and get a decent price, get the CPC6128.
If money is no obstacle and you're stricly in it for collecting, take a look at the CPC664.
Technical Support / Re: SymbOS for Symbiface III
« Last post by slugman on Today at 01:29 »
Yes,  there is a specific Symbos SF3 version still in beta. Ask Hans from TMTLogic (from where you bought the Symbiface) to invite you on his slack channel for the details, you'll also get access to the SF3 firmware (dfu) updates.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Newbie needs help!
« Last post by retro_colledtor on Yesterday at 23:59 »
Hello everyone!

Greetings from Chicago !!

I have been reading here for a week now and joined today, I am looking to get a CPC to add to my collection.

Which do I get? Do I get a 464 Plus and add the memory and drive parts or do I get a 6128 plus and add the tape mod? or get a CPC 664?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Games / Re: SENESCHALL - Started but never finished ...
« Last post by Gryzor on Yesterday at 23:19 »
The font was the first thing I noticed.

The second... English version? 😁
Games / SENESCHALL - Started but never finished ...
« Last post by SRS on Yesterday at 22:48 »
Found this on one of my old development discs - seems I wanted to do something like "LANDGRAF" before/after with fancy typeface and "folding screen" ...

So if you want to expand it or rip the font ;) ...
Code: [Select]
1001 ENV 1,16,-1,2
1002 DIM na$(4),be(3,9),bp(9),bn$(9),gel(3),vg(3,7),vg$(7),vp(7),n(3,9)
1010 GOSUB 10000:LOCATE 2,1:GOSUB 10500:GOSUB 10440
1020 a$="vorbereitungen":GOSUB 11500
1030 PRINT"Bitte geben Sie die namen der spieler durch komma getrennt ein. achten sie  darauf, dass die namen nicht laenger  als 10 zeichen sind."
1040 GOSUB 12000:z=0:FOR x=0 TO 3:na$(x)="cpc":NEXT
1050 i=INSTR(i$,","):IF i=0 THEN na$(z)=LEFT$(i$,10):GOTO 1100 ELSE IF z=4 THEN PRINT"Das sind zuviele.":GOTO 1030
1060 na$(z)=LEFT$(LEFT$(i$,i-1),10):z=z+1:i$=MID$(i$,i+1):GOTO 1050
1100 FOR x=0 TO 3:PRINT na$(x):NEXT:GOSUB 10600
1110 GOSUB 11000:a$="ich lese daten":GOSUB 11500:GOSUB 11020
1120 RESTORE 10700:FOR x=0 TO 3:gel(x)=100:NEXT:FOR y=0 TO 7:READ bp(y),bn$(y),vg$(y):NEXT:READ bp(8),bn$(8),bp(9),bn$(9)
1125 FOR p=0 TO 3:FOR q=0 TO 9:n(p,q)=0:NEXT q,p
1129 FOR sp=0 TO 3:IF na$(sp)="cpc" THEN 5000
1130 GOSUB 11000:a$="'immobilienhandel'":GOSUB 11500:GOSUB 11020
1140 PEN 1:PRINT"Spieler ";na$(sp)","gel(sp)"Taler...":PEN 2:fl(sp)=be(sp,2)
1150 PRINT:PRINT:PEN 3:LOCATE 23,VPOS(#0):PRINT"Preis Besitz"
1160 PEN 2:PRINT:PRINT:PRINT:FOR x=0 TO 9:PRINT bn$(x);:LOCATE 25,VPOS(#0):PRINT USING"###";bp(x);:LOCATE 32,VPOS(#0):PRINT USING"###";be(sp,x):NEXT
1170 PRINT"1";:FOR x=240 TO 96 STEP -16:FOR y=15 TO 0 STEP -2:MOVE 17,x-y:DRAWR 490,0,1:NEXT
1180 IF x=208 THEN 1240
1190 w=INT(ABS(x-240)/16):LOCATE 32,w+8:LINE INPUT z$:MY=VPOS(#0):MX=POS(#0):z=VAL(LEFT$(z$,3))
1200 kos=z*bp(w):IF kos>gel(sp) THEN PRINT"":GOTO 1190 ELSE IF kos>0 AND ((w=3 AND vg(sp,1)<20) OR (w=5 AND vg(sp,1)<4)) THEN LOCATE 1,20:PRINT"Zu wenig Holz !":CALL &BB18:LOCATE 1,20:PRINT SPC(15);:GOTO 1190
1210 IF kos=0 THEN 1240 ELSE IF (w<>5 AND w<>3 AND w<>6) THEN fl(sp)=fl(sp)-1:IF fl(sp)<0 THEN PRINT"":LOCATE 1,20:PRINT"Kein freies Gebiet mehr !":CALL &BB18:LOCATE 1,20:PRINT SPC(25);:GOTO 1190
1220 gel(sp)=gel(sp)-kos:LOCATE 1,1:PEN 1:PRINT"Spieler ";na$(sp)","gel(sp)"Taler...":PEN 2
1230 be(sp,my-8)=be(sp,my-8)+z:LOCATE mx,my:PRINT USING"###";be(sp,my-8):n(sp,my-8)=z
1240 FOR y=15 TO 0 STEP -2:MOVE 17,x-y:DRAWR 490,0,1:NEXT:NEXT
1250 'BE(SP,2)=BE(SP,2)-FL(SP)
10000 RESTORE 10030
10010 FOR x=48 TO 57:FOR y=0 TO 7:READ a$:a(y)=VAL("&"+a$):NEXT:SYMBOL x,a(0),a(1),a(2),a(3),a(4),a(5),a(6),a(7):NEXT
10020 FOR x=65 TO 90:FOR y=0 TO 7:READ a$:a(y)=VAL("&"+a$):NEXT:SYMBOL x,a(0),a(1),a(2),a(3),a(4),a(5),a(6),a(7):SYMBOL X+32,a(0),a(1),a(2),a(3),a(4),a(5),a(6),a(7):NEXT:RETURN
10030 DATA 38,4C,CE,D6,E6,64,38,00
10040 DATA 18,78,18,18,18,18,7E,00
10050 DATA 7C,C6,66,1C,30,62,FE,00
10060 DATA 7E,8C,18,3C,06,86,7C,00
10070 DATA 1C,3C,6C,CC,FE,0C,0C,00
10080 DATA 7E,C0,FC,06,06,CC,78,00
10090 DATA 1C,30,60,FC,C6,C6,7C,00
10100 DATA FE,86,0C,7E,30,60,C0,00
10110 DATA 7C,C6,C6,7C,C6,C6,7C,00
10120 DATA 7C,C6,C6,7E,06,8C,78,00
10130 DATA 3A,46,C6,C6,C6,CE,76,00
10140 DATA E0,DC,E6,C6,C6,C4,78,00
10150 DATA 3C,46,C0,C0,C0,66,3C,00
10160 DATA 0E,76,CE,C6,C6,46,3C,00
10170 DATA 3C,66,C6,FC,C0,66,3C,00
10180 DATA 5C,66,60,F8,60,60,60,C0
10190 DATA 3A,66,C6,C6,4E,76,86,7C
10200 DATA C0,FC,E6,C6,C6,CC,DE,00
10210 DATA 3E,5C,18,18,18,1A,7E,00
10220 DATA FE,18,18,3C,18,18,30,E0
10230 DATA C0,DC,E6,C6,DC,CC,C6,00
10240 DATA F8,30,60,60,60,66,FC,00
10250 DATA AC,D6,D6,D6,D6,D6,D4,00
10260 DATA DC,F6,C6,C6,C6,CC,DE,00
10270 DATA 38,4C,C6,C6,C6,64,38,00
10280 DATA DC,E6,C6,C6,C6,EC,D8,C0
10290 DATA 38,4C,C6,C6,C6,64,38,1E
10300 DATA DC,E6,C6,C4,F8,CC,C6,00
10310 DATA 7C,C2,C0,7C,06,86,7C,00
10320 DATA FE,18,30,30,30,30,1C,00
10330 DATA F6,66,46,C6,C6,EE,76,00
10340 DATA E6,46,C6,C6,66,3C,18,00
10350 DATA CC,46,D6,D6,D6,D6,6C,00
10360 DATA 86,CC,78,38,3C,66,C2,00
10370 DATA C6,66,66,66,3C,8C,CC,78
10380 DATA FE,0C,38,18,6C,C6,C6,7C
10440 FOR x=2 TO 4:g=636-x*4:h=g-270:PLOT 2*x,2*x,5-x:DRAWR g,0:DRAWR 0,h:DRAWR -g,0:DRAWR 0,-h:NEXT
10441 INK 0,0:INK 1,20:INK 2,11:INK 3,2:BORDER 0
10450 WINDOW 2,39,4,24:WINDOW#1,13,40,2,2:PEN#1,2:RETURN
10500 a$="SENESCHALL":b$=CHR$(15)+CHR$(49)+CHR$(254)+CHR$(10)+CHR$(8)+CHR$(15)+CHR$(50)+CHR$(255)+CHR$(11):FOR x=1 TO LEN(a$):ad=HIMEM+1+(ASC(MID$(a$,x))-32)*8
10560 FOR y=0 TO 6:p(y)=PEEK(ad+y):NEXT:SYMBOL 254,0,p(0),p(0),p(1),p(1),p(2),p(2),p(3):SYMBOL 255,p(3),p(4),p(4),p(5),p(5),p(6),p(6)
10600 i$="":i$=INKEY$:IF i$="" THEN 10600 ELSE RETURN
10700 DATA 100,"doerfer","getreide",20,"feld","holz",0,"waelder","erz",100,"schiffe","tonwaren",400,"burgen","stoffe",100,"belagerungsmaschinen","vieh",10,"soldaten","wolle",120,"minen","luxusgueter",80,"handwerksbetriebe",10,"wiesen"
11000 FOR x=40 TO 0 STEP -1:GOSUB 11030:NEXT:OUT &BC00,8:OUT &BD00,120:OUT &BC00,1:OUT &BD00,40:CLS:CLS#1:RETURN
11020 OUT &BC00,1:OUT &BD00,0:OUT &BC00,8:OUT &BD00,0:FOR x=0 TO 40:GOSUB 11030:NEXT:RETURN
11030 CALL &BD19:OUT &BC00,1:OUT &BD00,x:RETURN
11500 CLS#1:PRINT#1,SPC(27-LEN(a$));a$;:RETURN
12000 PEN 1:CALL &BB81:i$="":PRINT"-";:hl=39-POS(#0)
12010 a$=INKEY$:IF a$="" THEN 12010
12012 IF a$=CHR$(127) THEN 12100 ELSE IF a$>"~" THEN 12050
12013 IF LEN(i$)<hl+37 THEN i$=i$+a$:PRINT a$; ELSE 12050
12014 GOTO 12010
12050 SOUND 135,50,0,0,1:GOTO 12010
12100 IF LEN(i$)=0 THEN 12050 ELSE i$=LEFT$(i$,LEN(i$)-1)
12110 x=POS(#0):y=VPOS(#0):IF x>1 THEN LOCATE x-1,y:PRINT" "+CHR$(8); ELSE LOCATE 38,y-1:PRINT" ";:LOCATE 38,y-1
12120 GOTO 12010
Technical Support / SymbOS for Symbiface III
« Last post by Kris on Yesterday at 22:29 »
Hi all,

Is there a specific version of symbos for the SF3 ? I didn't succeed to make it working on my Plus: I have the launch screen then a black screen but nothing more.

Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by VincentGR on Yesterday at 22:27 »
I will not be surprised if I see Crysis on the CPC by them...
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by Nich on Yesterday at 22:25 »
You think they'd troll us like that with that soundtrack?

I was being facetious. ;)

However, come the 1st of October, BG Games could unveil... a platform game based around the Mario demo that @Rhino previewed a couple of years ago?!
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by MaV on Yesterday at 22:11 »
Yeah, quite! *g* I found it while searching for the video. Shows the cute little plush balls the way they really are. :D
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