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Games / Re: Trasgo
Last post by Gryzor - Today at 14:35
That's a nice trailer😁

Games / Trasgo
Last post by XeNoMoRPH - Today at 13:53
Quote" ... In a fantasy world dominated by magic, a young elf named Trasgo embarks on a quest to rescue his family from an ancient curse. With the ability to control nature, Trasgo must traverse enchanted forests, mysterious caverns, and ancient ruins while avoiding traps and defeating enemies. Along his journey, he discovers ancient chests that grant him new abilities, allowing him to take on increasingly powerful enemies. With determination and bravery, Trasgo becomes his family's last hope ... "


Quote from: mmldrm on Today at 10:45Yesterday he replaced the lower 64Kb of RAM and... still the same white screen and black border.

(Thanks again for all time spent helping me here...)
The crystal divination ball for CPC duck diagnostics did not work. ???
Btw. If you don't have time, we won't anything.
I'm back! You can decide if that is good or bad news.  ;D

Before trying the latest test from @McArti0, I finally took the CPC to a local computer repairs guy. (He has repaired C64s before but not CPCs. Not many options around here for repair shops.)

Yesterday he replaced the lower 64Kb of RAM and... still the same white screen and black border.

I will collect the CPC today but unfortunately no more updates for a while, because I'm away for the next couple of weeks.

So, I guess I need to decide what to do next. Dandanator? More experiments? Or the recycle bin.

(Thanks again for all time spent helping me here...)
Quote from: caver99 on Yesterday at 20:55is there any diagnostic cart for when the system is dead or throws garbled crap on the screen, im getting pink/purple rolling screen
not for sale but can burn the Amstrad diagnostics ROM into an EPROM and build your own cartridge.

The diagnostics rom has one downside: the computer has to be in such a condition that it at least can read from ROM properly. Any defect in the system that prevents ROM from being read properly (like a short, broken traces, a data line always high, etc) you won't be able to boot the diagnostics software. 
Sam Coupe:

- Great Form
- 3.5" drive
- Screen modes with mode 1 style pixels but 16 colors from 128 colors palette.

- Linear videomode, not jumping every 8 lines like CPC or Speccy.
- The 6mhz and 256/512k of ram
- Very simple to program, few 8bit ports to OUT
- Speccy compatibility
- Even sound chip sounds interesting and good.
- Nice small community
- Suitable for my liking of focusing on pushing the Z80 for software rendering. You could also still write byte if you are lazy to connect left/right pixel to get 2 pixels or mode 0 wide pixel for chunky effects and will still look ok. 128 bytes width, INC L and also INC H if you do half scanlines. 6mhz might be less because of memory contention you lose cycle, but I think the cycles are like Speccy not rounded like CPC. In my recent plasma, I made a test on CPC and Sam, and I would still get roughly close to 50% more speed on Sam. This is my dream machine for my own preference for software rendering on Z80.
- Memory is weird for some, swapping the 32ks, but I find it still ok and relatively easy to manage.
- 16 videorams for tricks, but you can't change vram line, just buffer. 24k for full scrolling is a problem, most games are static, but those normal pixel with beautiful colors look amazing for 8bit. Main trick is using line interrupts to stop at vram you want and change either the palette or which of the 16 videorams (in 512k) to display. But you display 100th line of vrams, you can't display previous line. So some hw raster tricks are not doable but others can be, you have to think around that.
- Despite the 24k, a lot of demo with obvious soft rendering of sprites, scrolling text, 2d stars and other, they are so smooth and fine pixel.

I love my Sam Coupe! Fitted a new clicky keyboard, fixed an issue with bleeding colors, might get more peripherals or something.
Key caps would be great... but would many people buy them? They certainly would make a lot of 664s look better
Hi @zhulien I've been after just a U key and plunger and it has been a journey. There's keycaps on thingiverse and the amiga 500 mitsumi plungers and springs work (plenty on ebay), but need a little blu tack to keep the keys in.

The hard part is making the keycaps look good. I'm on my third print.

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