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That's beautiful!
The CPC palette is well-suited to this game.

""I checked and the GA gets full 5V (well, 4.8V) everywhere that it's supposed to""

Do you get 4.8 Volts on the good working Plus ?.

Applications / Projectile Motion Simulator
« Last post by jomicamp on Today at 02:43 »
A simple program I coded in Locomotive BASIC for the graphical analysis of projectile motion .... You can download it for free here:

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: USB power supply for CPC/PLUS
« Last post by tjohnson on Today at 02:39 »
I have a modmypi USB adapter that came with my pi3 that says it is 2.5a but I've not tried it.
Let the tube stand for some weeks in case you don't need it then it's discharged for a good part.
Could the system be overclocked? For example 5 MHz instead of 4 MHz (Z80 frequency, not crystal). Did somebody ever try?

I had to idea to do it, but the crystal on the Plus PCB is kind of "hard" to replace, it's way more easy on CPC6128.
CPCWiki Discussion / Re: Amstrad Music Rips
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 00:46 »
A PDF would be nice to have.  :)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: USB power supply for CPC/PLUS
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 00:45 »
Well, for my Smok Rha I have an 2 A PSU, but never tried it with CPC since I use the PSU of LED lights (up to 5 V, 5 A) for it (with HxC, M-X4 etc.)

Games / Re: Vespertino - new game from BG Games
« Last post by keith56 on Today at 00:39 »
I just spent an hour running the Ramlaid docs through tesseract-ocr, with pretty good results - see attached. Google Translate makes short work of it. I'll tdo the Paradox document another day, I've done enough proofreading of foreign language recognition results for one day.

Fantastic work, I'm reading the Google-Translated version now, it's worked really well.
Games / Re: AGD ZX Spectrum Ports
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 00:36 »
I wasnt able to pass the first level with about 10 games, am I the only one ?
No.  ;D  Way to hard for me... maybe tomorrow is a better day.
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