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Hardware related / Re: CPC 664 repair ***Work in progress***
« Last post by dragon on Today at 16:21 »
Yep, thats the problem my 664 membrane was killed to. If the 664 is rare a 664 with original membrane working is ultrarare.
News & Events / Re: #CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest 2019
« Last post by awergh on Today at 16:11 »
Yay finally announced  ;D
Here is the English version of the info

Only 3 months to go!  :o  (I thought it would finish on the 31st not the 30th that means I have a whole day less then planed)

Hardware related / Re: CPC 664 repair ***Work in progress***
« Last post by repetto74 on Today at 16:06 »

Tanks Dragon I’ll try and let you know and yes the version on the 664 is 1.1

Here is the result :-)
V 1.10

This CPC664 needs either a conductive coating on the membrane contacts or a new membrane to fix the non working keys.
No new trailer then... not even screens? :(
CPCWiki Discussion / Re: Forum performance issues
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 15:36 »
The Likes plugin. Argh!

The thing is, tracking slow queries for some reason (still not sure why) never showed the same thing twice so I couldn't track it down to a specific function/call. Then one day I happened to be monitoring the server while using it and I saw a spike in IOPS. I couldn't connect it directly to the Likes mod, but knowing how the db tables are constructed and/or non-indexed along with some other details helped narrowing it down.

It was part luck, part method; I had been tweaking and/or disabling mods for a while now to see how things go, and I had literally just reached the point I was going to test Likes.

It kills me that, while the problem it caused was so severe and fixing it was trivial, actually tracking the issue was nearly impossible. No amount of logging, monitoring, trapping and debugging stuff ever gave us a single cause, which is really weird if you ask me, but then again I'm no db expert so there may be something fundamental I've been missing.
Oh yes I read that and then forgot about it. The video shows it running with an Amiga, I wonder how... too little info, really.
News & Events / #CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest 2019
« Last post by XeNoMoRPH on Today at 15:28 »
Welcome to #CPCRetroDev 2019, the 7th edition of the retro videogames creation contest of the University of Alicante. This is the contest that rewards the best and most creative creators of the retro scene, capable of making the best video games for Amstrad CPC 464.
info here:
CPCWiki Discussion / Re: Forum performance issues
« Last post by ervin on Today at 15:04 »
Hello everyone!

I'm really happy to announce that, from the looks of it, the performance issues with the server have been resolved! Through extreme skill and an eye for detail a generous amount of being-at-the-right-place-the-right-time kind of luck and a few wasted hours of peering at a screen, eyes red and almost tearful, I think I may have found the culprit. For the last couple of weeks or more that the fix was put in place I haven't encountered a single moment of downtime!

Nobody can be 100% sure, of course, so I'm asking you good people to post if you find yourselves unable to connect to the forum.


I'm dyin' to know... what was the cause?
They say: "..will work both on original retro computers & modern PCs, RetroPie setups & FPGA/emulators."
Work on original retro computer?
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