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Programming / Re: RGAS palette export to (cpctelera) code
« Last post by Duke on Today at 08:03 »

I have found where the palette info is stored in .rgas file:

  "Inks": {
    "$type": "System.Byte[], mscorlib",
    "$value": "AAkTGQ8FEBcUAwYCBwEEGg=="

but I did not manage to reverse engineer it...  :)

Looks like base64 encoding, you can use ie. this online converter to decode it into hex values:
Which will return:
 00 09 13 19 0f 05 10 17 14 03 06 02 07 01 04 1a
For your above "value".
Other retro / Anyone recognize this monitor?
« Last post by Starglider on Today at 01:38 »
Hey guys, I'm trying to find out the make and model of this monitor.

The only source I have for it is this original pinterest link, captioned "Príncipe TV":

I believe it was a green display in monochrome and that I used it with the Apple //e and other machines back in the eighties. Thanks!

Thanks!, Starglider aka ԹҽɾíƒɾɑϲԵíϲ's RҽԵɾ๏ RҽϲíԹҽs

Well, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to actually DO something.   Bite the bullet.

There are various options.   Each one has provisos.

I'd say the easiest would be to attach a 3.5" drive as B: to your PCW.   There's enough info about on how to do this.   There's a LOT of discussion about finding the 'correct' type of 3.5" drive, but I skipped all this when I sorted one by following one set of instructions which did everything in the cable.   A bit crude I guess, and things like DISCKIT has a problem with the 'ready' line, but you can get around this, and the disks work fine normally.   But you need a PC with a working 3.5" drive (more of a problem as each year goes by) and you need some software on the PC like 22DISK.

My 3.5" drive works fine when it's connected.   I also have a 5.25" B: drive (340k format) which is more usually connected (as I have far more dsks written over the years using that format).

You could also get the Serial Interface box, this may be simpler, but it's far less reliable and slower to work, but I've communicated with people who are happily doing this.

Others may refer to the Gotek option, where you can maintain the contents of the .DSK images on your PC.   But it's less of a PCW.   But if's you've got a PCW 8256, you don't 'lose' anything (as you never had a standard B: drive) and you still gain something.

I've got one of the uIDE drives on my PCW, and this is a wonder.   I believe you COULD get such a drive to operate on a PC to transfer files, but you'd need some special software to allow a PC to access the CP/M format (but maybe trusty 22DISK could do this but I think that as it works thru the FDC it could be that you cannot go this way, need something else.   However, JonB (on this forum) who implemented the uIDE, put masses on CP/M software onto the uIDE disks, so this is certainly possible.

Questions so far?

Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by Maniac on Today at 00:57 »
Looks amazing! Hope negotiations go well! Good luck!
Technical Support / Re: 3" disks from other machines
« Last post by GeoffB17 on Today at 00:42 »
This thread has two separate issues overlapping.

The OP may well now be sorted, I think it's been settled that he's got PCW 9512 format disks that will not read on a 6128, and it's been settled why this is, and he's hoping the get the disks he has correctly formatted, whereupon they may be fine.

The other issue from someone else related to 5.25" disks, and this is less clear.

I have a large number of HD floppies, and these usually work OK, although I've had odd ones that do not, or are not reliable.   I have found that HD disks seem to be less reliable than the DD type, both DD disks used on a 360k drive, and also DD disks formatted to 730k (80 track, but still normal density) on an HD (80 track) drive.

Check the following.   Hold the disk up to a bright light, so that you can see how near to transparent the magnetic material is.   Compare a DD disk, and a HD disk.   Looking at the DD disk, the material should appear totally, or near totally, NOT-transparent.   With the HD type, depending on the approx date of manufacturer, the material will appear much more transparent than the DD disks, and in some cases VERY transparent.

As I understand it, the 1.2 Mb drives default to using the HD format, and they will try to do so unless they are explicitly told otherwise.  There may well be jumpers on the drive to set this, so you COULD alter the jumper setting to force the default to 360k if required.   There is no autodetect on the actual disks (unlike the situation with the 3.5" disks).

The big problem will be that the margin of error for the reading/writing is far smaller at the best of times given the thin-ness of the material, so it will not take much to cause the disks to fail.   If the same disks are failing on different drives, this does suggest that the acual disks have a problem, but I'm not sure why this might be if they once DID work.   But, what might have happened to them in the meantime, if they've since been formatted as DD, or on a 40 track drive, then this (wrong) format could webb be causing a problem because the 80 track format being put on top is not capable of overwriting the 40t format, you need to do the job with a magnet, and maybe a number of times.

The only thing I might suggest, if you MUST use these disks, would be to send me one so that I can try one, on the drives I have, and compare with HD disks I have which do work, and if the disk will NOT work (as you describe) check my methods (and my magnet) and see if I CAN get it to work.   Also, I could send you a couple of known OK HD disks to see what THEY do on your drives.

Programming / RGAS palette export to (cpctelera) code
« Last post by teopl on Yesterday at 23:52 »

Can someone help me with exporting palette from RGAS to firmware (or hardware) values which I could then automatically embed in (cpctelera) code?

I have found where the palette info is stored in .rgas file:

  "Inks": {
    "$type": "System.Byte[], mscorlib",
    "$value": "AAkTGQ8FEBcUAwYCBwEEGg=="

but I did not manage to reverse engineer it...  :)

Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by robcfg on Yesterday at 23:16 »
This is really amazing!

Looking forward to finally play it on my CPC!
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by Rhino on Yesterday at 22:53 »
Thank you!, we have the best negotiating agent in the world and we hope everything goes well. When everything is finished, we will tell you the details.
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by XeNoMoRPH on Yesterday at 22:10 »
this is absolute fabulous, I look forward to you reaching an agreement with Rebellion to enjoy this great game  :o :o :o
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by VincentGR on Yesterday at 20:49 »
Ooooohhhhh goodie goodie
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