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Games / Re: "Freedom" in video games and How To Be A Complete Bastard
« Last post by Gryzor on Yesterday at 10:59 »
Interesting take, though I think that HTBACB was just a beginning for his further efforts, not a free world per se.

Never played the game, btw. Was it AA that gave it away? I do remember some controversy following that...
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hello from a ZX-kid.
« Last post by Gryzor on Yesterday at 10:25 »
Welcome arkive!

As Keith said I find the 464 to be the prettier of the lot, but of course the 6128 is much more pro and modern.

Have fun - the Trinitron should be more than enough for an authentic feeling :) How do you connect to it?
Off topic / Re: On the cadge... Race4Life...
« Last post by Dabz on Yesterday at 10:04 »
Well, I did it! \o/I managed to lump this torso around 5k in 45 minutes, while raising (Including gift-aid) £267.50, which I think is great considering I'm not on Facebook or anything like that! I've attached some photos, just to show the clip we were in! I'm the one with the headband lol! Dabz
They're more for an electronics engineer than an electrician, but interesting anyway.

Hardware related / Re: CPC464 LED on, no output
« Last post by Bryce on Yesterday at 09:32 »
Heat destroys chips. Whether soldering or desoldering, too much heat for too long will fry what's inside.

Yes, the leaf switch is normally closed as far as I can remember. Gluing or soldering is a bad idea, and if the contacts touch the metal frame of the player you'll have bigger problems. Can't you mount it like it originally was?

Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by SuTeKH/Epyteor on Yesterday at 08:25 »
Dammit! >:( I've had the PINBALL ILLUSIONS menu music stuck in my brain for the last few days!  :D

Seriously though, it's great to hear this is finally going to be released to the community!
A huge congratulations to all the developers and testers; this is truly an 8-bit masterpiece! And, finally, thanks for putting up with my alcoholic ramblings and rantings over the past three or so years!

Forward to Vespertino?
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hello from a ZX-kid.
« Last post by keith56 on Yesterday at 08:01 »
Welcome to the forum!
Great to hear you've got the chance to take a look at the good old CPC!... personally I prefer the quirky look of the 464, but the 6128 probably has a more 'pro' look... of course, these days, the 6128 is certainly the better system to get.

The Timex 2048 isn't a system I'm familiar with, how did it compare to the Specrum?
Hardware related / Re: CPC464 LED on, no output
« Last post by Velociraptor on Yesterday at 02:35 »
So on to the next problems with the 464.

There was a disconnected leaf switch and going back to what you said in your very first reply Bryce when that is closed the tape deck has power, when it is open the tape deck has no power.

It took me a lot of puzzling but I think I've had a revelation as to how it works. You said it's mounted by the play button and I can see 2 little screw holes and either of which I think it could go on to.

I could not work out how pressing play could close the switch. Then I realised that if FF and RW don't work until the switch is closed then it should normally be closed. This would mean that pressing play wouldn't work until the CPC sent some kind of override signal - this is how the CPC works if I remember right. You press play and nothing happens until the CPC wants it to happen and there may even be an audible click.

So am I correct to mount this in that position where the leaf switch is normally closed, and pressing play releases it to an open position? I'm not sure how I'll mount it, perhaps hot glue or solder.

The tape counter appears to be damaged. It looks like the button has snapped off. I think I may leave the tape counter belt off and keep the tape counter at 000, I don't recall it ever being useful.

I need to strip down the volume and power controls and clean them out. Also the keyboard to remove any dust and muck that's reached the membrane otherwise over time it will destroy it.
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hello from a ZX-kid.
« Last post by SkulleateR on Yesterday at 01:54 »
Welcome, have a nice time here  :)
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