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Offer still open - 1 has already been requested so 2 still left.
A little background - back in 94(93?) Amstrad sent me six of these machines for development of 3rd party software so they are all unbadged but were working when last boxed up 20+ years ago. However, I cant remember if they were equipped with battery back up (think so but not sure), if so it is likely the battery is corroded and leaking by now.
I will hold onto them for another two months so if you can organise something during that timescale PM me and I'll get one out of the "Amstrad Cupboard from Hell" for you :)
Thanks for sharing they are well written and informative look forward to reading the lot with a large brew.

Programming / Re: Rasm Z80 assembler v0.128 [update 2020.06.06]
« Last post by roudoudou on Yesterday at 12:02 »
update v0.128
- bugfix moar memory leaks
- label code clean-up

new execs
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: GX4000 (french) no display but sound is ok
« Last post by Bryce on Yesterday at 12:00 »
Try it without the voltage source first. If the TV can be manually set to RGB input then the voltage source isn't required. If it's a TV that regularly scans for inputs you may find that it either keeps displaying the "RGB" OSM on the TV screen or the picture flickers (goes black and comes back) every few minutes, then you can always change the cable afterwards.


Due to an imminent house move I no longer have space for three PCW16's and one PCW 8256.
Post lockdown should any member want one (one per member ;D )  they can be picked up from Glasgow free of charge. My only condition is that they are taken by someone that is genuinely interested in these computers, not for flogging on eBay!



Hi, its a v generous offer is it still open!!!  :o

Im a newbie here but cant seem to get these Amstrad machines out my head, got my first ever computer a PCW9256 from the catalogue clearance shop in early 90's and still got it lol. I hope you can consider me for a PCW16 as been looking to find one for ages but they never come up these days. The drive would be a chore as based in Lincolnshire but my old mans from Perth and so he would enjoy the ride up and im willing to get my hands finally on a legendary PCW16. I even have a image for the restore disk if anybody needs that.

Amazing thanks for download had no idea PCW had this, just imagine if this was supplied as default with locoscript but probably a push in the RAM area.
Hello all this is my first post, just wanted to say i relate to this thread as just put Gotek in an 8256 i rescued from the tip some years ago and have not been able to keep the original drive A as B because with both Gotek and B drive fitted the PCW seems to want to read from both drives at boot and this prevents boot. After reading around i understand its possibly a Gotek firmware issue thanks to the PCW drive select operation but im happy to be corrected on that. Also had a problem with write protect on the mechanical drive as replaced the drive belt and had no idea about the drives write protect pin which became lost so had to make a new one. Didnt expect that as thought even in mid 80's the write protect mechanism would be optical but oh no lol not all the time haha!
Programming / BASIC Solitaire
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Yesterday at 10:26 »

For anyone interested in Locomotive BASIC the program is listed at the end of the video.

Not emulated - original hardware and software

Please note the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Zilog peripheral chips
« Last post by litwr on Yesterday at 09:45 »
Well some of my games and FutureOS run in Interrupt Mode 2, therefore RETI is used. Especially on the 6128 Plus RETI is in such a case important.
I am curious why to use Interrupt Mode 2 with the Amstrad CPC or PCW?  I know that the ZX Spectrum people have to use it because the interrupt vector for mode 1 is in ROM.  The CPC has it in RAM...  Interrupt mode 2 without Zilog's dedicated chips requires a 257 byte table - it is not little for 8-bit system.  Thank you.
Games / Re: atic atac
« Last post by ervin on Yesterday at 07:15 »
More excellent work from Ste.

Absolutely stunning!
It's a well-coded project, and if these graphics continue to come in, it will be an epic collaboration.
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