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<gallery caption="Commercials for the Amdrum">
<gallery caption="Commercials for the Amdrum">
Image:amdrum commercial.jpg|Commercial for Amdrum
Image:amdrum commercial.jpg|Commercial for Amdrum
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610030.jpg|Review of the Amdrum in [[Amstrad Computer User]]
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610028.jpg|Review of the Amdrum in [[Amstrad Computer User]]
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610031.jpg
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610029.jpg
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610032.jpg
Image:Amstrad Computer User8610030.jpg

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Company logo
Box and Manual for the Amdrum

A drumkit by the British company Cheetah.

The drumkit was able to play 8bit sound samples.

Quality of the playback was nice, considering the time and price.

The samples was read from the suplied tapes.

There was serveral tapes with different themes!.

Along with the Amdrum came a sequencing program.

It was possible to copy the samples to disc, but the sequencing program had to be patched!

Amdrum was probably Cheetahs version of the SpecDrum (As revealed on the PCB "AMSTRAD SPECDRUM")

No CPC emulator supports the Amdrum. To hear 'Amdrum' in action the Spectrum emulator Spectaculator emulates the SpecDrum.

No other software than Cheetahs own sequencer is know to use the Amdrum.

Technical Specifications

The PCB(oneside) contains five chips:

74LS30N Port decoding
74LS32N Port decoding
SN74LS04N ?
064C0P Amplifier?
Ferranti ZN428E-8 8bit DAC

The Amdrum probably uses port #FF50 I/O, needs to be confirmed though.

Datasheet of the ZN428


Afro Kit Covertape

Electro Kit Covertape

Latin Kit Covertape


Amdrum Tape

Afro Kit Tape

Electro Kit Tape

Latin Kit Tape



Reviews / Commercials


Site about the SpecDrum

Review of the Spectrum version

Another review

Other playback devices

Music Machine,Digiblaster


A presentation(from around 1985) of the ZX Spectrum version of the Amdrum(Specdrum), also mention of the upcomming Amstrad CPC version