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Amstrad Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner



Title: Amstrad Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner
Authors: Joe Pritchard
Publisher: Melbourne House
Year: 1985
Pages: 154
ISBN: 0-86161-193-4


01. Machine Code First Principles

02. How Computers Count

03. Machine Code Meets BASIC

04. Registers at work

05. Passing Parameters to programs

06. 8 bit counting

07. 16 bit transfers

08. 16 bit arithmetic and counting

09. Loops, Jumps and Block Operations

10. Ins and Outs and Odds and Ends

11. Amstrad Sound

12. The Amstrad Keyboard

13. The Amstrad Display

Appendix 1: Instructions and OP-codes

Appendix 2: Flag Operation Summary

Appendix 3: Numbers on the Amstrad

Appendix 4: Timing programs


This book will enable you to learn machine language the easy way — No Computer jargon. A straight forward approach with many examples.

Compiled exclusively tor Amstrad users, AMSTRAD MACHINE LANGUAGE FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER offers complete instructions in Z80 machine language programming.

If you are frustrated by the limitations of BASIC and want to write faster, more powerful, space-saving programs or subroutines, then this book is tor you.

Even with no previous experience of Computer languages, the easy-to-understand no jargon‘ format of this book will enable you to discover the power of the Amstrad‘s own language.

Each Chapter includes specific examples of machine language appliCations which can be demonstrated and used on your own Amstrad. The features and capabilities of the Amstrad are all covered, so you can start programming straight away.

AMSTRAD MACHINE LANGUAGE FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER takes you, in logical steps, through a comprehensive course in machine language programming. This book gives you everything you needtowrite machine language programs on your Amstrad

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