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CPCRSlib is a C library containing routines and functions that allow to the handling of sprites and tile-mapping in Amstrad CPC.

The library is written to be used with Z88DK compiler. CPCRSlib also incorporates keyboard routines to redefine and to detect keys, as well as general routines to change to the screen mode or the colours.

It can be found an explanation of each function/routine included in the library in http://www.amstrad.es/programacion/cpcrslib.html

Last release of the library can be downloaded at: code.google.com/p/cpcrslib/downloads/list

CPCWYZlib is included in the downloadable package of CPCRSlib. CPCWYZlib includes a music player and SFX player coded by WYZ, which can play music created with WYZTracker.