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[http://www.telefonica.net/web2/emilioguerrero/ccz80/ccz80.html Home of ccz80]
[http://www.telefonica.net/web2/emilioguerrero/ccz80/ccz80.html Home of ccz80]
[[Category:Programming software]]
[[Category:Programming software]][[Category:CrossDev]]

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The language ccz80 has a syntax based on the C language.

It works in command line mode under Windows, but it is possible use it on Linux with WINE or MONO and also on MacOS with MONO. From a program written in the language ccz80 the compiler generates an executable binary file for a computer-based Z80 or an emulator and also can generates an assembler file equivalent.

The compiler is free for any use and the existing library of functions on this page is open source, but the source code of compiler is not released.


ccz80 main targets are the z80 based homecomputers of the 80's (ZX Spectrum, MSX and the Amstrad CPC) but can generate code for any z80 based computer.

A few games has been developed for the Amstrad CPC using ccz80 (3D-Maze)


Home of ccz80