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Maurice Aime les Bobs

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Maurice Aime les Bobs is a demo that was programmed by Megachur and released in January 2006, with graphics by Super Sylvestre of Sucres en Morceaux.

Megachur programmed the demo in response to a challenge set by Ramlaid of Arkos in his 2004 demo, Garcimore Aime les Balls, which features 20 balls, 16×16 pixels in size, moving around the screen at 50 frames per second - a record for the Amstrad CPC at the time. Megachur improved on this, and Maurice Aime les Bobs displays and animates 26 balls, 16×16 pixels in size, over a background and with music playing, while running at 50 frames per second. As of August 2006, this is the current record for the most sprites being animated on the screen in one frame, without any flickering.