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Octoate (Tim Riemann) bought his Schneider CPC in 1985 and joined the scene very late (ca. 1998). He is mostly working on hardware extensions and started the CPC-IDE project, which was the predecessor of the SYMBiFACE II, in autumn 2004 together with Dr.Zed (he developed the hardware) and Tolkin. Most of his soft- and hardware projects were only made for his own usage and never reached it the public.

Hardware projects

  • 7-bit relais card
  • CPC-IDE Interface (financial support)
  • Flash-ROM-Box (only one prototype, used the Atmel AT90F040 flash rom)
  • Flash-ROM-Cartridge for the CPC Plus
  • GMX Mouse to CPC Joystick port adapter
  • 4-color scanner for a printer (similar to the Dart Scanner)
  • ROM-Box (small interface for only one ROM)


  • Disc Image Copy (DIC - transfered whole disks over the printer port to a PC)
  • Plotter driver for the relais card (controlled a self-made plotter)