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Pentomino is a puzzle-game written by Shining and painted by HAL6128 where you have to solve 464 different puzzles, split into:

- 32 easy puzzles where you’ll have to place two token

- 216 medium puzzles with three token

- 216 hard puzzles where you’ll have to place three token

Additionally during the fourth game-mode, you’ll have to solve all 464 puzzles against the clock.

The first three modes start the puzzles randomized, the fourth-mode, the survival-mode, starts always with the same puzzle. The game consists of 15 different token.

Pentomino runs on every CPC, both Plus and also on the GX4000.

You can download Pentomino for free. Shining gave the rights to publish a collectors edition to Polyplay for free and they did a physical release on tape and disc (


Logo: PentominoLogo-1024x341.png
Author: Shining
Artworx: HAL6128
Homepage: Pentomino
Type: Puzzle
Year: 2017


Manual – Disk-Image (DSK) – Tape-Image (CDT) – Cartridge-Image (CPR)