Adding 32gb RAM to the CPC

Started by zhulien, 10:48, 18 December 21

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Hi Everyone,

I am surprised nobody has tried it before, but... you can easily add 32gb RAM to your CPC just by opening up your CPC case and fastening it somewhere inside with blu-tak, it is easier on a CPC464 because of the thicker case, but I am sure if you wrap it in tissue or something better so it doesn't short circuit, you could just let it flop around in there.  No soldering required either!!!

At the end, you could have an Amstrad CPC33554496 (just like the CPC472 but with 33554432KB extra instead of 8KB).

With 32GB now likely being cheaper than 8KB in the 80s, there should be no reason that every CPC user has at least a CPC33554496 in the new year!


I thought this was 18/12 not 1/4 :D


Have you already started on the Christmas Sherry? :)



Just got a 512GB SD, what's the designation code for expandable storage? We could fit quite a few...

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