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Title: dodgy drive?
Post by: arnoldemu on 18:01, 09 October 10
Have you got a dodgy drive?


This is a program I wrote with 4 tests so far that you can use to test 3" drives are working. I plan to update it so that it will tell you if your drive belt is dodgy and other similar things and you can use it to ensure your 3" drive is working correct.

There is a test for drive motor, drive ready, drive write protect (in case you lose that pin), and drive seek (mine has a dodgy seek that doesn't always work).

Included is a cdt and a dsk.
Use the cdt to convert to a wav and load from tape.
Then run the prog and try the tests
Title: Re: dodgy drive?
Post by: Gryzor on 10:26, 11 October 10
Thanks mate! Very useful utility... this should have existed a long time ago!
Title: Re: dodgy drive?
Post by: Kris on 10:27, 09 August 11
Just discover this little programm, very interesting and useful after a drive belt change over....
Many thanks for this tool.