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Re: CPC464 sizes
« Reply #50 on: 14:01, 08 April 16 »
I sort of remember being taught things like this but that was long ago and isn't something that's come up too often for me to remember.

That said if I had posted the video I'd have said it was a very nice optical illusion knowing someone would've given the correct explanation eventually then I would have pretended I knew the science behind it the whole time.
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Re: CPC464 sizes
« Reply #51 on: 18:24, 10 April 16 »
Alas, people don't realize that it is the brain that gives them 3D vision. So all kinds of perspective type "tricks" will fool people who don't know, or who have forgotten this.

You sometimes get similar weirdness when people use an inappropriate camera lens and wonder why the straight lines they see with their eye end up as curves in the picture....

And don't start me on aspect ratio.... or lighting issues...

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