CSW2CDT : hints and clever commands :)

Started by dlfrsilver, 17:56, 18 June 17

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Here are a few tricks when you're using the new great CDT tool made by CNGSOFT :

1) when you have a dump quite dirty, with glued blocks, please use in the extra flag prompt the command :

-t 80

In most cases, this will seperate and clean up the glued blocks.

You can do also this :

-t 80 -5

This is going to make the blocks clean with 8 trailer bytes. It doesn't work however for all schemes.

2) Beware when you process a speedlock game :

Always check the baud rate ! If the baud rate is 1900 bauds, then please apply the speedlock v4 switch, if it is 1600 bauds, it's a speedlock v6.

Be carefull when you make CDTs :)

3) Latest CPC speedlocks use either Spectrum Variant 2 scheme for the data blocks (levels).

It applies to terminator 2, Simpsons, WWF, Operation wolf and thunderbolt, Batman the movie, etc etc.

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