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I wanna be your dos.
« on: 23:23, 18 April 20 »

Building on MultiDos idea from 0ffse7, the mass-DOSes (CubeMDos, ImpDos, AlbireOs, SecretDos, ...) would gain to mutualise some features.

# Path handling

The ability to use a full path each time a filename is needed.
   IMPORT "/lib/crtc.o"

# Globs

Not only |era,"*.bak" should work as expected everywhere, but it would be nice to handle "**". So that we can search for a file like that:

# Directory iteration

For nice UI.

# Mounting points

E.g. "a:" would mean "CubeMDos on XMass", "b:" would mean HxC in direct mode.
  • This ease compatibility for older software (e.g. OCP Art Studio).
The most useful points for me (already provided by CubeMDos without mount system):
  • Cold reset should default on the drive/partition of choice (X-Mass, typically).
  • Hot reset should retain the current directory.
All of that would either entail a "Master" ROM dispatching to the right DOS or an utility ROM that each DOS could access.

Or, maybe firmware + Amsdos isn't cut to fit anymore. I shall revisit SymbOs and FutureOs. Non negotiable: being able to go from hard reset to persistent Orgams source in less than 3 keystrokes and 2 seconds!