464 to repair

Started by martin464, 14:00, 24 October 22

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Wanted 464 to repair

I want the ropiest non-working 464 going as a repair project

The CPC will be a cross between a backup and something I give to my son so he keeps his hands off mine!

CPC 464 - 212387 K31-4Z


Sounds like a fun project 🙂


Yep I might be open to a swap I have some bits in the attic, a GX4000 but I'd only swap that for a DDI-1
After many years of pondering I've realised I prefer the 464 keyboard I think it's better, I'd like to have 2 464's with 3.5" floppies!

CPC 464 - 212387 K31-4Z


This is now a swap! For a DDI-1 interface (don't need the drive)
In return I have on offer a GX4000 with world of sports, light pen, a multi-face type thing and a Speccy of some kind
The details of this are vague until next trip into the attic

CPC 464 - 212387 K31-4Z

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