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Amstrad Action TYPE-IN PROJECT

Started by CPCIak, 09:56, 03 January 10

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Hi, what do you think about an AA Type-In project like the ACU one by ervin?
Most of the listings are quite short and handy. Well, there's already a listing section in the German sub.
Everyone, who wants to take part in it, is welcome.

Johnny Olsen

Yes it would be great.
There is already a aa type-ins project, but Ervin's ACU pages are nicer.

I will look through my collection to find aa type-ins if you start a project.


You're right: There's already an AA Type-In project in the wiki. Obviously it's dead...

Johnny Olsen

Yes but a wiki is for everyone so you could start it up again.
If I could I would do it.


Quote from: Johnny Olsen on 15:51, 03 January 10
Yes but a wiki is for everyone so you could start it up again.

Sure, but first we have to collect the listings before uploading them to the wiki! No one wants buggy software.
I had problems with some type-ins: Bad quality of scan, syntax errors etc. 

Please have a look at the following post. Together we could solve the problems:,496.0.html


Ah indeed this would come in handy. If anyone wants to go ahead but they don't have the mags, I'm willing to send them at my cost...



Does anyone have the original mag? Page 24 is corrupted


Hello CPCIak.

Firstly, very good work with the AA Mags.

I uploaded the corrupted page here :

Like I don't Know how are the rest of pages like, I send the tiff and you can convert in jpg like the others one.

And when you finished you can delete with this link :

Thanks Devilmarkus for filehosting, for this things is perfect.

In you or anyone need a scan of any CPC mags tell me and I'll do it, I have almost all the CPC mags.


Thank you very much Cpcmaniaco!
The quality of scan is superb :D Now I'm able to finish the AA106 listings.
Maybe I'll need your help again...

A foretaste of what is to come↓


AA Issue 106 #COMPLETE#

Including a 2kb word processor: WOW - How big is MS WORD?!



Great stuff..

I am really looking forward to seeing this stuff online :-)


Quote from: CPCIak on 15:54, 13 January 10
AA Issue 105 #COMPLETE#


Could someone please rescan AA103 page 18: There's a RSX Clock listing.
I can't read it: The listing is printed in yellow on a blue background...terrible


I uploaded the page here :

I send you the page on color tiff and on scale greys tiff

And when you finished you can delete with this link :

Johnny Olsen

Why do you have the delete option?
I would like to have the page too.


Sorry, Johnny ???

Thanx CPCManiaco for scanning - the greystyle one is perfect. (delete link)

Johnny Olsen

I got the AA scan years ago from Michael Hansen
but some of the page is missing, so is just an update i wish.
I have all the AA Magazine but no scanner.
Which scanner are you using CPCManiaco?
it's very clear and nice scans you do.


My scanner is an Epson Stylus CX3650 (Printer,scanner, etc. all in one).

It isn't very good but it's OK for me.

Robcfg has a good scaner, for exemple he can scan a PCB well, like a photo, I can't do it.

When I scan a tape for exemple, the different between the thing part with the fat part of the tape makes that the letters writed on the tape near this part isn't clear.

Because the special Type-in project, when CPCIak need a page, I make a high quality scan of the page to help him to use an OCR program.

This High Quality of the page is very big for internet.

I put the delete link because when he finished, this page is not necesary anymore on this big format.

I don't know you are interested too, sorry.

When you or anyone need a scan of any Amstrad Mag, tell me, and when I can I will do it.


I agree with CPCManiaco - for tidying up's sake, we should delete everything that's not strictly useful... *one* mag page is not that useful apart from the purpose it was uploaded!

Johnny Olsen

I agree, but i thought it was an upgrading of the bad page.

Amstrad Action No 011 lacks the entire page 93-94 and
Amstrad Action nr 020 lacks 20-21

Plese will you scan them (normal scan).



Hello Johnny Olsen.

Here you can download the AA pages you wanted :

and when you get them you can deleted with :

If you need more pages tell me.

Johnny Olsen


AA Issue 104 #COMPLETE#
AA Issue 103 #COMPLETE#

Has anyone got the program "SafeSoft Disc Archiver" from issue 101?
Well, it's a three pages long listing full of data statements :o


Ahhh gotta try them at home :)

How about the relevant Wiki page, will it be updated?


Gryzor, can we make an arragement?!
My part is to type in the listings only. I'm sorry, but I haven't got enough freetime to have one's cake and eat it, too.

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