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CPC Power Polarity doubt

Started by robcfg, 21:58, 12 March 07

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Hi everybody!

I managed to get my CPC464 running with a PC Power Source.

The thing is, I'm about to try it with a CPC6128 but it appears that the 12v connector has the opposite polarity as the 5v connector.

That is, in the 5v power connector, the inner side has +5v and the outer side is ground or 0v. I think that the 12v connector has +12v on the outer side and 0v on the inner side.

Can anyone confirm it before I fry the 6128?  ;D

And yes, all the usual suspects that also dwell through the CPCZone might have a deja vu with this post ;)


Heheheh! You know, every morning I walk in the office and open several bookmarks at once. I log on to the ZOne and here and ask for the latest posts and when I saw this I was "Hmmm, but I thought I saw that over at the Zone?" :D

That said, I think the Amstrad does have diagrams on itself to determine the polarity - if not I'll check mine at home...


At first sight there's no indication on the polarity, only voltage.

I'll check my measurements but I find it quite annoying, plus I'd like to keep my 6128 working for a long time  ;D

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