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Title: CPC-Wiki on DVD-Rom
Post by: steve on 13:50, 04 September 11
It will be a sad day when cpc-wiki is no-more  :'( , the loss of all that information and work would be terrible and difficult to replicate, so as a solution and a fund-raiser would you consider selling copies of the Wiki on DVD rom on ebay?
An Annual edition could provide the money to keep the website running and maybe fund a prize for hardware, software or cpc-wiki development.
Title: Re: CPC-Wiki on DVD-Rom
Post by: Gryzor on 17:11, 04 September 11
Hello Steve,

Actually much thought has been given to this issue; I was really sad and mad when the Zone went down and Malc took all the data with him. Really, really mean.

Back in previous years I was offering to send DVDs with the wiki material to all those who asked (btw, nobody asked, whether out of trust for me or complete lack of interest I don't know :D ). But after some later incidents with people who would love to take advantage of the wiki. So maybe we should find *some* solution at least. Maybe we should star looking into methods for data scraping. An offline/cache viewer would be good enough, too.

However, at this moment there are three persons with access to the database. So, even in the sad event of me dying (knock, knock), it won't go down with me - and the same goes for the other admins of the project (please don't die!). And short of such an event I don't think we'd ever consider just pulling the data off...

The way I see it at the end of the project's life the data should be completely (or something) liberated for anyone to use. But before reaching that end I'd think that new persons would step up and take control of it, so one way or another we're far from feeling insecure.

As for the rest, I'm not sure it's needed yet; we're good for the immediate future :)
Title: Re: CPC-Wiki on DVD-Rom
Post by: nurgle on 02:42, 05 September 11
I would love to host an offline version of the cpcwiki for download. Has anybody here used MWDumper of similar in the past? Unfortunately I have limited time to toy with the options for mediawiki offline export.
Title: Re: CPC-Wiki on DVD-Rom
Post by: Gryzor on 11:29, 05 September 11
I had toyed with this a while back, I seem to remember there was a problem. There are a couple of other tools that anyone can run, though.