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Title: Donations
Post by: villain on 00:16, 13 September 09
Gryzor, I don´t really understand why it is not allowed to mention that Kangaroo supported the Wiki in a generous way for a very long time. Once again you act like it is "YOUR" Wiki. Looks for me like revenge...

Signing off,

Title: Re: Donations
Post by: Gryzor on 00:18, 13 September 09
Erm... sorry, too late now to discuss this, but I'll reply tomorrow. But you're wrong in so many ways...
Title: Re: Donations
Post by: TFM on 01:27, 13 September 09
Gryzor, I don´t really understand why it is not allowed to mention that Kangaroo supported the Wiki in a generous way for a very long time. Once again you act like it is "YOUR" Wiki. Looks for me like revenge...

For my personal humble opinion the Wiki should belong to the people that have contributed information. But finally sombody must manage it and have the last word. I had some disagreements here too, but I still think that things are running well.

About Kangaroo... Well, you can look at this topic from different points of view. And there is more than one truth out there. I will not judge who is right. But I would like to mention one point: If I'm the cook of the ACME-oysters, then I can eat a meal for $3, because that`s the money I have to pay form them. But if I come as a guest then I pay $98 for the same meal. Its a difference if it is your OWN bussiness or not. If I own servers, then they don't cost me as much if I have to lease them. The servers don't cost Kangaroo the same money that he wants from his customers. So how high are the costs in reallity for him? I don't know, but for sure not that high. So he didn't "loose" that much. And it is just not fair to talk about the price he usually would charge another person. However Prodatron spend (like I know) 1000 Euro for the Wiki. That would be enought to run the Wiki for 20 years on Markus Server. I don't want to talk bad about somebody, but try to look at all these things in different ways

Title: Re: Donations
Post by: Gryzor on 07:39, 13 September 09
OK, let's take a step back here and look at things.

-Kangaroo did not donate any money. He donated the server, and he was given plenty of credit for that. Should we start a quantization of every one's contributions? By Kangaroo's calculations (what he said in cpc-forum.de), and given how many hours I have put in the wiki over the years, I should put myself up for having donated lots and lots of thousands of euros... And what about Markus? Oh, and what about Ervin and his Type-ins project (he has also donated money, btw)? This is getting ridiculous, and you get my drift.

-Kangaroo's calculations are hilarious. Do you realise what kind of server you can get for that kind of money? In my previous job as a manager in Marketing in my company I was responsible for online marketing, and this meant I was also responsible for our web site. So I was (funnily enough) responsible for getting a web server for a site that got several thousands of visitors every day, and had to be up 100% of the time, so it had fallback lines and backup systems and whatnot... and all that, on a state of the art server. And it cost less that what Kangaroo said, and that price also included the company's profit (as TFM pointed out) and a nice, fat 19% VAT... So please, let's get serious. By the way, I think Kangaroo initially had talked about €3000, then he decided to up it to €5000. Oh yeah.

-I had no idea about Prodatron's donation (do you realize for how long we could run the wiki with €1000 on another host??), since Kangaroo never let me know, even though I had asked him to notify me when a donation came in so I could update the donors' section. This leads me to believe there might be other donors who don't get any credit - I have only listed those that contacted me directly and told me about it.

-"Once again you act like it is "YOUR" Wiki. Looks for me like revenge..."
Well, what can I say to that? When exactly did I act like this is "MY" wiki? The wiki was my idea, I founded it and have been administering it ever since. Yet I think you'll be hard-pressed to find an admin so open to suggestions and changes in other projects. But, in the end, someone has to administer it, no? Or maybe you mean you want to see me abandoning the administration and making it open to everyone? Maybe give out the ftp password too, while we're at it? And, usually, it's a good practice, when you see an admin changing something, to leave it well alone instead of changing it: there must be a reason for it. Prodatron, btw, is a member of the admin group, so he can change it despite the lock, but we took a better approach and are discussing it off the wiki.

Apologies if I come off a bit offensive, but it seems unimaginable to me to be accused of what you accuse me...
Title: Re: Donations
Post by: Devilmarkus on 11:42, 13 September 09
I think:
What, if Gryzor had not reacted to the german posting that Kangaroo will shutdown all CPC-related sponsorings & stop them?

- We would have a blue message on cpcwiki.com like:
CPCWiki closed.


1. - Reason 1 (blablabla)

2. - Reason 2 (look reason 1)

3. - Reason 3  (compare 2 and 1)

Sure ... that there are always. Mr. Google and Mrs. Bing are your friends!

What about the old stuff?
Away. Deleted. At the end.

etc bla bla

Gryzor wanted to avoid things like these and backed up the Wiki.

As you can see in the example for cpc-forum.de (Which was FULL of postings & informations),
Kangaroo has no interest for members / cpc-scene.
He only thinks for himself and handles egoistic.

Sorry, my opinion.