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Weird Stats

Started by eto, 10:17, 27 May 23

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I stumbled across my user stats and according to the stats I am very active at night, but basically not active at all in the evening. Seems like the stats show my activity based on an Asian timezone.

Not a big issue of course, just a funny little quirk. 


Huh that's a bit weird. Fun timezone was set to U5C+3, no idea why I'd have chosen this, but it shouldn't affect anyhow. I now set it to CET, but user setting takes precedence. I'll check the server time again...

Yeah it's in EDT for some reason. I'm scratching my head😁 Let me change it and see if it fixes things... Give me a few. 


On second thought the server timezone shouldn't affect things, that's why the forum has its own setting. Bizarre. 


Yeah weird, I set the server time zone to CET and my stats changed. This shouldn't be so? I smell a bug... 


yeah, it does not really make sense to show me the stats based on the server time. Sounds like a bug. 

At least not relevant ;-)

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