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Started by Gryzor, 12:52, 25 January 13

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Hello guys,

Some of you may have noticed some severe slowdowns in the last few days (many thanks to those who reported!). After the small crash we had a couple of weeks ago (well, the server had been up for more than a year with lots of updates) some optimizations were lost and slowly some issues became larger.

So we dug into it, re-did the optimizations, and more. What we realised, as a matter of fact, is that the wiki has become quite big for simple optimization tips, so a lot of stuff had to be learned and done. We're still monitoring things, and it seems that there are still a couple of rare issues we're trying to tackle, but overall I'd say speed has gone  dramatically up. Don't worry if you see some debugging stuff, but if you do notice any real issue please, please let me know!



Thanks for all your work keeping this place running. I had noticed some slowdowns, but they mostly seemed to happen when I was looking from work and usually OK from home. It's nice and quick from work right now though, so I guess that's a good sign of an improvement!


Thanks for the feedback and kind words :) If you look at the bottom you will see how long it took for the page to be generated. If this is low, but still the time it took for you to see is is long it could mean your work connection to the server is indeed not that good (though it could indicate other things as well). Lately there were instanced it took even a minute to create a page since some queries took their sweet time (30 seconds or more) to complete.

As far as response time go, the fastest I've heard of is 6ms of ping from Germany and maybe 20-30ms from the rest of Europe; 120-150ms from the US. Australia falls to 300ms, but it's summer there now, who cares :D

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