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3DManiaks - New Impact production

Started by demoniak, 19:16, 29 October 21

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Here is the new Impact production at BND 2021 Meeting : 3DManiaks


What a fantastic prod! I love the 3D thingies and the music. But who is this Mast guy? Did not find him on ..

btw: there's a new prod ;-)
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Very nice and by far one of the best production of the group.
Well, as usual, Ludoniak rulez ;)
Congratulations to all involved !

@bsc: Mast/zx music, there:



Awerone 3D scenes, cool music , this demo rocks !!!
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Awesome, I like to see more demos trying 3D objects just like Face Hugger Megademo back in 1992.

I wonder, if the 3D transformations are also realtime? Some objects seem to rotate around the same animation or have limited movement, so it could be just a list of the triangle vertices to render per frame? But I guess at least the polygon rendering is realtime?

It's also nice that there is some cool design there, backgrounds matching to 3d objects thematically, colors are very nice, etc.


As i wrote on youtube, nice demo for the eyes and ears.
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For C4CPC owners, I  made a .CPR ;)


Two intros are born at the meeting too.


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All friends are welcome !


Quote from: demoniak on 19:16, 29 October 21Here is the new Impact production

Fantastic! Is the 3D calculation done in real time or is it precalculated?


Quote from: eto on 08:26, 01 November 21
Fantastic! Is the 3D calculation done in real time or is it precalculated?
All 3D animations are precalculated  ;)


Christmas is coming, so here are some hidden things in the 3DManiaks demo : - You can choose the color of the IMPACT logo that will appear in the intro, by pressing one of the following keys during the SONIC animation: SPACE, N, J, H, Y, U, 7,8

More things soon!


New little trick hidden in 3DManiaks:
- During the rotating CPC in the intro, press the 'V' key for at least 1 second to see the version number displayed, as well as the head of the impact members while the demo is loading  ;) 


You should have put those in a POKE loader :D


It's Christmas ! Another little trick hidden in 3DManiaks:
Did you find the "hidden-part" of the demo? It suffices to press simultaneously on the keys 'I' 'M' 'P' 'A' 'C' 'T' of the keyboard of the CPC to activate it  ;) 


Merry Xmas to you too! The demo that keeps on giving😊

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