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Started by Jonathan, 21:25, 04 October 20

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I couldn't find anything definitive by searching, but a link to a past topic would be welcome, and apologies if this is a common question.

Looking through my old discs I found lots of old programming projects, public domain software etc which I'd be interested in using on the PC with an emulator - partly for ease of access (the CPC won't be in the house permanently) and partly as a backup (one of the discs worked then stopped working within minutes of using it).

What is the best way to create DSK images of them? The closest I have found so far is:

I would be happy to buy a 3" drive and cable if these are available, or whatever else is recommended, but I haven't the expertise to make my own hardware/cables.

Thanks :-)


I'm assuming that your disks are CF2 type 3", rather than CF2DD (the double sided type).

Your big problem is getting the files from the disk, and onto the PC.   Once the files are on the PC, there are software options for getting the files into an image file, and you can use the PC or the emulator to create empty image files.

So you prob will need a 3" drive on your PC, or you need someone who can, who will do some copying from time to time.

Various options, even a serial link.   I for example have a working PCW which also has 5.25 or 3.5" disks, and I can copy files back and forth between PCW and PC, and could just email you the images.  Not with CF2DD disks though!

Oh, the disk that stopped working.  Depending on what went wrong, it might be fixable.   Or the files salvaged.



Hi Jonathan,

I purchased a Gotek from CPCStore recently and use that to transfer files from CPC to PC/PC to CPC.
Iv'e found the easiest/convenient way is to download an existing .dsk image (data) and delete the contents using the Parados Rom - you now have a blank disc to work with - it only takes minutes :)

If you don't have Parados I would suggest one of the disc based Amsdos disc/file managers like Nirvana, Xexor  or even the CPM utilty NSWP.

Once I have filled the .dsk image I then remove the USB stick from the Gotek plug it in to my laptop and rename it.





Thanks both. Yes they are the standard discs - CF2 rings a bell.

The Gotek looks like an interesting device and may be the solution.

Though I'd rather have a 3" drive attached to the PC just to back up the discs to PC, and just use the real discs when using the CPC.

With a modern-ish VGA monitor and separate PSU (if I can't get the CTM-644 fixed), and a Gotek, it would soon be like Trigger's Broom:

Any advice on obtaining a 3" drive, attaching it to a PC, and reading CPC discs from it...? :-)

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