WinCPC Keyboard Mapping

Started by Paddy Coleman, 13:43, 30 September 10

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Paddy Coleman

Hi Folks,

Been active in the ZX Spectrum emulation seen for a while now and have just started to look at the CPC.  Back in the 80s I had CPC664 and CPC6128 (also PCW8512).

Looking around I came across the WinCPC emulator by Flynn that seems very good.  However, the keyboard mapping is driving me mad as it mimics the CPC layout on the PC keyboard rather than the other way around e.g. ( & ) are on keys SHIFT+8/9 rather than SHIFT+9/0.

Is there a way to change this?  I have looked at the keyboard mapper in WinCPC but it does not seem to allow this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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