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ZEsarUX 10.3 Beta

Started by chernandezba, 18:46, 13 April 23

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New ZEsarUX 10.3 Beta version!

You can download it from :

Attention Windows users: this release (probably) has the definitive fix for those annoying and ugly audio clicks :) Please test it and see if it's fixed for you.

Apart from that, this Beta version has a lot of changes:

* New things added:

Added Machine Amstrad CPC 6128
Added Machine Amstrad CPC 664
Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8256
Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8512
Added Advanced menu items: now by default, advanced menu items are hidden, you should enable them on Settings->Advanced menu items
Added Visual Floppy to see floppy disk (+3, CPC, PCW, Betadisk) activity
Added Poke F-Function
Added Visual Real Tape F-Function
Added Process Switcher window, which is like a "Taskbar" on the ZX Desktop
Added Settings F-Function
Added DSK disk info menu: to get tracks and sectors of a disk
Added ZRCP command: "close-all-menus"
Added icon/F-key to open any window identified by its name
Allow F-keys to assign extra info for actions (like window name on openwindow action, or snapshot name on linktosnapshot action)
Added XEyes "Toy" to follow mouse
Added more Hotswap combinations
Added command line setting --machinelist to get machines list names whitespace separated
Added Sierpinsky Meter Type to View Sensors
Added .POK file Smartloading
Added SDL Audio Callback type setting in order to fix Windows Audio clicking

* Improvements:

Improved Configuration:
- better parsing: warning when ZEsarUX has been downgraded
- if unknown parameter on configuration file, warn the user but start anyway
- moved showing Configuration file from Running info menu to Settings-> Configuration file

Improved File selector:
- Can show recent folders (press space on recent files)

Improved DSK viewer:
- better filesystem detection
- show hidden and read only files
- show disk specification format
- show where files are located on Visual Floppy

Improved DSK extractor:
- better filesystem detection

Improved Debug Console: better refresh, dynamic width?? (TODO)
Improved Debug Messages: allow to filter by message class (DSK, PD765, etc...)
Improved Debug I/O ports window: autoresize content height when do not fit in window

Improved Debug CPU:
- switched function keys "m" and "o": now "x" change mode, and "m" change memptr (to be coherent with other similar windows)
- added (hl), (de), (bc)
- added (nn) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(nn) and ld (nn),reg
- added (ix+d), (iy+d) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(IX+d), etc
- added continuos speed 4 (run 10 opcodes every time, with no pause)
- show last memory pointer when changing it
- show B register on satisfy condition for DJNZ
- added new functions OPMRV(e), OPMWV(e), OPMRA(e), OPMWA(e): these return 1 if the last opcode has set any of these variables to e.
- added pseudoregister EPC to parser to match memory bank and offset for PC register
- allow holding keys for quick cursor move, etc
- watches now show numbers in hexadecimal format

Improved View Sprites:
- sprite is no longer disabled when changing memory pointer
- you can view sprites up to 1024x1024
- show PCW common format screen

Improved changing pointer on some windows: can use an expression when changing memory pointer on Debug CPU, View Sprites, Hexdump, Disassemble, Poke
Improved changing to machines with big displays (Next, QL, CPC...): zoom is autochanged to 1
Improved joystick type selection

Improved ZX Desktop:
- Dynamic icons (Trash, My Machine, ...) assigned on top buttons now show dynamic state (trash empty/full, current machine image, etc)
- Show icon indicators for open apps on ZX Desktop
- Added setting to empty Trash on exit
- Fixed icons zoom level when selecting some machines that use menu gui zoom = 2 (Next, CPC, QL, etc)
- ZX Desktop size now is multiplied by GUI Zoom (Zoom 2 on machines like Next, CPC, QL, etc)
- CF2 Floppy icon (+3, CPC, PCW) now is animated when motor is on

Improved ZX Vision:
- Added windows TaskBar
- Added Process ID (PID) for all windows
- Text input fields now handle repeated keys
- Some text input fields now have history of last items, and history is saved on configuration file
- Added function to maximize all windows
- Allow reducing character height
- Improve window list showing spent time on each window and pid of each window/process
- Improve rendering background windows
- Yes/no confirmation dialogs are translated to si/no in Spanish and Catalan

* Fixes:

Fixed random crash on startup on Linux when executing some network operations (check updates, check last users, send updates)
Fixed segfaults when exiting using CTRL-C
Fixed Spectrum +3 disk emulation: TODO: add more details here
Fixed autoload on Spectrum +3
Fixed bug that may crash ZEsarUX when changing to a machine with bigger resolution. It seems to affect Linux and Windows but not Mac. This is a bug that has always existed (a "long life bug" XD)

Fixed showing creator on DSK file viewer
Fixed pause: can now return when pressing mouse button too
Fixed assembler parsing expressions (NN) and NN is an hexadecimal number

* As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements

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