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DEVILRY III The arcade Game

Started by XeNoMoRPH, 12:11, 21 December 23

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QuoteWe present this new project titled, Devilry III – The arcade Game, by French graphic artist Eric Cubizolle, alias "TITAN" for friends, coming soon to our Amstrad CPC.

Totally captivated by the impeccable aesthetics of another project titled Roland of Sherwood whose author is Carnivius, he was literally amazed by its graphics.

Although it is worth remembering that this Carnivus project, which we have had no news about since 2019, seems to have been abandoned... So it seems that, according to TITAN, they are encouraging him to try to create his own game using the original essence of this failed project as a model.

all info:
your amstrad news source in spanish language :




Yeah it is. Crossing fingers it'll see the light of day. 


I hope they checked it with Carnivus to see if he is happy with it.
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Quote from: reidrac on 15:54, 21 December 23I hope they checked it with Carnivus to see if he is happy with it.

Yea... I think you should probably check with Carn first on this. I love your work and all you do Titan, but I think it would etiquette and be polite to here - just in the interests of everyone being happy etc.


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Into the wonderful 😁

TITAN (Eric Cubizolle)

Hello everybody,

Thank you very much for your compliments and encouragement ! :)

Indeed, as a correction, I sent a message to Carnivius some time ago: I'm waiting for his response (hoping it'll be positive, hehe! :))

In the meantime, I continue to enrich the graphic material of my project. So I focused on creating new tiles and sprites of my own.
In this way, Devilry III will offer a more personal and original design that will distance itself somewhat from the style of Carnivius.
Several new structures were thus born under my figers, such as temple columns, arches, stairs, barriers, etc. :

As well as some protagonists emerging from my tortured brain, hehe! :

I also made further new modifications to the existing tiles, such as on the doors, in order to create an exclusive design :

I also made an original HUD and, recently, a Game Over screen (for defeat):

I will look into the victory animation soon and tweak a few more tiles.
But, overall, I think I'm pretty close to obtaining now all the graphics needed to develop a game! (The mockups already show what is possible in terms of levels design with the existing tiles).
Furthermore, for RAM concerns, I don't want to generate too much graphics data.
I already use around 6 to 8 KB for all the tiles and sprites, which is, I find, already very sufficient :

I will keep you informed of the progress of the project.
I found a musician (Pulsophonic) but I'm still looking for a programmer for this project... advice to amateurs! :)


Gorgeous stuff, really hope someone picks up the challenge!

Love Mr Lemming 😁


Quote from: TITAN (Eric Cubizolle) on 08:39, 06 January 24Indeed, as a correction, I sent a message to Carnivius some time ago: I'm waiting for his response (hoping it'll be positive, hehe! :))

Just so folk know, I have responded and yeah I'm cool this. I mention I would have liked to have been messaged first (as I was surprised and a bit wary about it when I first saw the screenshots) and I explain that old project wasn't so much abandoned but had evolved and split into a couple other projects but I'd like to see this cute lil Gods-ish game get made and I'd just like to be in the credits even just in a "thanks" bit.  Even just so if I ever get to the point where I release one of these projects, that people playing my game know it wasn't copying Titan's game but had been the original inspiration.  If that makes sense?  :)

I hope everyone had a nice festive season and happy new year. :)
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TITAN (Eric Cubizolle)

Hello Carnivius!

Thank you INFINITELY for your caring and kind response. It really is a very good spirit.
I am very happy to learn that my project does not offend you. I apologize for not having contacted you sooner: I admit that everything happened very quickly.

It goes without saying that your name will obviously be mentioned in Devilry 3. I just hope that a programmer will contact me one day to make my little project a reality. ;)

Thank you again for your approval and your incredible talent which inspires me.

I'm taking advantage of this post to reveal the game's victory animation:

TITAN (Eric Cubizolle)

As you can see in my precedent message, under pressure and good advice from my wife, I revised my copy regarding the face of our hero Helios.
I thus transformed the venerable Spartan with the weathered face into a rather handsome ephebe.

Well, I admit, I got a little revenge in the end... :P

As a reminder, here is the old animation:

And here is the new one :

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