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Downloads of In-Crowd and Special Action?

Started by mgman, 17:02, 10 February 23

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I'm looking to download backup files of the following Ocean compilations:

Special Action (TAPE FORMAT)

I checked cpcrulez and cpc-power, but no luck. Are these available anywhere for download?


I can see that @deepfb has The In Crowd (Karnov, Gryzor, Barbarian, Crazy Cars, Predator, Combat School, Platoon, Target Renegade) and Special Action (can have Basket Master, Salamander, Shao Lin's Road, Gryzor, Target Renegade, IK+ or Driller, Captain Blood, The Vindicator, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, SDI).

I don't think the versions in the packs would be any different from the individual releases, so you can just download them one by one.


I will try to dump those disks this weekend :_D


Thank you! That would be really appreciated.

@robcfg It's most likely, yeah. I'd still like to be double sure just in case they aren't surprisingly. Such is the case with the ZX Spectrum equivalents, at least (minor differences, but still the fact that they didn't strictly use one master candidate).


Bumping this, as it's been a while but I'm still on a search looking out for one of these.

It looks like the tape version of Special Action was finally preserved very recently, in December just this past year. Great!

I'm still wondering if there's a dump of The In-Crowd anywhere.

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