Hello, greetings to all from Spain

Started by diegodel82, 11:59, 10 November 22

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Hello, greetings to all from Spain

I love 8 bits and I love CPCs. The first, a CPC464, was bought from me in 1984. Later, a DDI. I felt like a king.
When I earn my money I buy a lot of 8-bit computers, but mostly CPC computers (464,472,664,6128, plus, schneiders...).
I currently have 12 cpc units plus gadgets like goteks, dandanator, DDI-3, 3.5 Floppy...

Greetings to all


your amstrad news source in spanish language : https://auamstrad.es


Welcome, you have come to the right place :)



I think I must have a dozen CPCs myself (plus a couple of GX somewhere)!


Hola amigo! 12 CPCs is a divine number, that's what I really call a CPC farm.  :) :) :)
You can make a CPC meeting all alone that way. :laugh: Welcome and have fun.  :) :) :)
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