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Hi all

Started by Mermaid, 16:57, 05 November 16

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Hi all,

I'm Vanja, also known as Mermaid. I'm from Norway, the Amstrad CPC is pretty rare here.

I recently did the loader picture for Juan's great new game Magica:

The Magica picture was my first attempt at Amstrad CPC graphics.
I've worked on many other systems over the years, but mainly the Commodore 64.
Here are a few C64 pieces I've made over the last 2-3 years:


Ultima IV Remastered intro pictures

Megapede title screen

Goblin Towers title screen

While the C64 remains closest to my heart, I do like all the old 8 bit computers and consoles, and hope to do some Amstrad CPC graphics again in the future.


Welcome Vanja! :)
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Hi Mermaid, i know your work since a long time!

It's a pleasure to welcome you here!

What kind of production do you want to participate to? Game, demo, other?

My pronouns are RASM and ACE


I'll probably team up with Shadow and do a demo at some point, we're working our way through a bunch of fun machines.

Maybe we'll do a little game as well, time will show!


Fantastic artwork!


Hi there! Those are really nice screens, great work!  :)


Welcome here, those are nice graphics indeed.

Hope you'll find the vivid colourfull palette with almost no greys and browns to your taste.

also you can work in 192x256x16 (wide pixels, full screen) and include some palette changes for lines ("rasters").
Or use the same 4096 palette as STe or Amiga if you want it on PLUS.

Creeper lurker mode : on

I guess we can check your Pixel Joint's page there :

And I guess this is your webcomic blog :

you have a nice cartoonish style and nice way to palette your stuff.
Bienvenue ici.


Welcome home Mermaid. I really love what you did...

Ast/iMP4CT. "By the power of Grayskull, i've the power"

All friends are welcome !


You're welcome


Quote from: MacDeath on 22:56, 05 November 16
Hope you'll find the vivid colourfull palette with almost no greys and browns to your taste.

I'm not here to start a fight or to insult your favourite machine, I'd appreciate it if you followed my example.


Wasn't a fight, just a fact.

C64 and CPC have quite different palettes this can mean quite some changes in styles or way to catch the lightings or colours or choose the themes.

To simply repalette existing complex C64 graphics into CPC palette often leads to disaster (as can be seen in many old games graphics where those were ported from C64 with jsut a badly done palette swap into CPC palette) so I am genuinely interested to see you compose directly for CPC, I guess this can brings new ideas for us to have someone from the C64 coming into our world.

This Magica intro page is truelly great and show a nice use of the palette in a way few CPC graphists can do.


Welcome Vanja!
Amazing work !!! ;)


Oh boy! Don't let Macdeath's comments spoil it for you, Mermaid. He really is a good lad, although because he is trying too hard to be funny his choise of words is sometimes unfortunate.  :)

@Macdeath: you need to practice moar hardeur!  :P


Welcome Mermaid!

I have seen your work on C64.  :)

It is a nice surprise to see your work on CPC.

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Hi Vadja/Mermaid.

To be your first work in Amstrad you make a very good use of the cpc palette, indeed, and the loader screen for Magica it´s possibly one of best that I´ve  seen in Amstrad for years.

Congratulations!!! :)

I Hope to see more of your work in Amstrad.



Great job on Magica! 


Hi Vanja!

Welcome to the CPCWiki!

I absolutely loved your work on Spaceman Splorf:Planet of Doom (which btw is a very nice and polished game, you should try it guys!), and your loading screen for Magica is also staggering.



It's a great loading screen for a great game.

Thank you for your work.
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Quote from: Mermaid on 00:35, 06 November 16
I'm not here to start a fight or to insult your favourite machine, I'd appreciate it if you followed my example.

Litt må vi Kristiansundere tåle  :) Velkommen!

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