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New Member of CPCWiki forum - ford68

Started by ford68, 14:27, 10 December 23

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Dear all, I'm happy to be a new member of this excellent forum.

I'm also aging over 50 years and live in Germany.

I own a Schneider CPC 6128, which was bought defect in February 2023.
(CPC came back to life after changing four RAM-Chips...(but I replaced all 16 and put sockets on the board first) After this, I bought a Gotek USB-Drive with 3D-printed frame and put it in that unit. (The 3" disc drive was given to a friend from me) When I read about the M4-Board, I thought, I need such a thing and my ,,problems" begun ;-). For using this device with additional ROM's I need further information and help, which I got by reading in this forum. Yesterday I've tried to install YANCC (thx to @SOS) and noticed, that I can't find (download) the latest version, so I decided, to do the registration.

Since now, I think every problem I had with my machine could be solved by reading this forum full of good knowledge by the members.

Best regards to all members



Welcome :-)

This is probably the best spot if you need to solve any issue with the CPC. 

Btw: From which area of Germany are you?


I live 60km north from Hamburg.

We have a few spots, where we do little meetings for 8 times a year. (4x Connected location Uetersen and 4x Interface location near Kiel) 
Both events are mixed (several systems) 



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