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avatar_Solo Kazuki

New owner.. old user and player

Started by Solo Kazuki, 12:26, 19 February 24

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Solo Kazuki

Hi to all

I'm new owner of Amstrad 6128 plus, but as user and player I was using Amstrad (on emulators) since 90's with *AmigaOS, later with MorphOS (ACE rulez) and Windows.

*Yes, there are Amstrad emulators for Amiga.


Welcome! :)

And yes, there is a long-running thread about ACE on this very forum :)

Solo Kazuki

Just to show it, my Amstrad 6128 plus with M4 Board. As controllers standard Amstrad joypad and JoyCart.



Anthony Flack

That is a very nice setup indeed. I eventually gave up looking for a 6128 Plus for myself and settled for a 464 Plus and bunged some extra memory in it. It does the trick but the 6128 Plus does look especially smart.

The Joycart is a neat idea. I should probably get a case for my M4 sometime, too. 

Solo Kazuki

Quote from: Anthony Flack on 07:33, 18 April 24The Joycart is a neat idea.
JoyCart is perfect when You have many hardware platforms (like me) and want one joy for them.

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