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What computer did you have before CPC?

Started by ZorrO, 20:54, 13 April 24

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What computer did you have before CPC?

29 (46.8%)
5 (8.1%)
ZX Spectrum
10 (16.1%)
0 (0%)
2 (3.2%)
0 (0%)
other (tell in comment)
10 (16.1%)
Atari 8bit
1 (1.6%)
Thomson MO/TO
0 (0%)
4 (6.5%)
1 (1.6%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 61


I was always curious whether having one computer had an impact on what we chose later.
CPC+PSX 4ever


My first computer was actually an Atari 800XL.

After that, as they had CPC 6128s in my school, I asked for a CPC and got a 464 with green monitor  :D


I had a ZX81 first, and an Atari 2600 in between that and getting a 464
- Barry Rodewald


I had a range of Radio Shack (Tandy) Model 1 - 3 - 4 - 4P (Z80 Based) computers.
Was very involved over here In Australia
I still do some servicing of these beasts.

The Amstrad s came later to me after a lot of other computer brands.
But I was comfortable working on Z80 Based Machines
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My first was teletext module on 8051 to TV without teletext. But I guess that doesn't count  ;D
CPC 6128, Whole 6128 and Only 6128, with .....
NewPAL v3 for use all 128kB RAM by CRTC as VRAM
TYPICAL :) TV Funai 22FL532/10 with VGA-RGB-in.


was not "mine" but the Thomson T07-70 of the school they left in the storage room. My mum -teacher- brought it at home
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@robcfg - I forgot to add Atari XL/XE to the list.  :doh:
I can edit it, but I'm afraid it will delete the previous votes.
CPC+PSX 4ever


Don't worry! You can scroll through the answers to make a final list once the votes are in.



Quote from: roudoudou on 08:25, 14 April 24was not "mine" but the Thomson T07-70 of the school they left in the storage room. My mum -teacher- brought it at home
Was not "mine" but the TI-99/4A of the school has been here sometimes. My dad -teacher- brought it at home.


So somehow the TI was my first computer, where I also learned Basic.



There were home computers before the 464? 😁

Anyhow if enough data points are gathered by these two polls it'd be nice to have a flow diagram.


An Oric 1 was my first. Loved it at the time and a potential Spectrum beater were it not for poor business decisions and the dominance of Sinclair in the UK at the time.


Not a computer so i polled "Other" but had one of those Binatone PONG/Light gun, one of these:

Was rarely allowed use it as we only had 1 TV, aka "The good TV" and tuning it in would knock out the other TV channels, lol, was the main reason for getting a CPC 464 (over a C64) as it had its own monitor(luckily we got the colour monitor CPC).

Had a neighbor for a year or so that had an Atari computer, not sure of model, played on that some, another temporary neighbor with a ZX Speccy(rubber keyboard), dont think i played any games on that but until i got my CPC i used to enjoy regularly playing my mates C64( when he was allowed set it up at the time on the main tv).   
6128 for the win!!!


Oric Atmos. I have really good memories with it.


I added 3 options, so others can change vote. :)
CPC+PSX 4ever


The CPC was my first computer but a few computers had impact on me: 

I went to the computer stores to "try out" the computers they had in their show rooms. I went to the local "Siemens museum" almost every week where Siemens showed their latest line of PCs. And I could sit there and play the games students have written for it ;-) As I wanted to learn how to write such programs I could joined a BASIC introduction class in the local youth club - they used a ZX81 with 16KB of RAM. No data storage device... I wrote my BASIC programs at home on paper and then tried them out, when I was in class. I was once offered to take the ZX81 home for summer break and I was quite addicted to it although I could not play any games with it (due to the lack of a cassette drive). I think that finally convinced my parents to support my wish to get my own computer. 

The teacher of that class introduced me to the Spectrum which he owned personally but although I tried really everything and loved it, even the ZX81, I thought that the Spectrum was a piece of crap. So the only other option was the C64 here in my area... until the 6128 came out... that changed everything and that's what I got in May 1986. 


TI 59 was my ,,first contact"...

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I had an Atari 2600 - can I count consoles? :)

The Electric Monk

Got my CPC relatively late in its life cycle - in 1991. It was my school computer, so I'd been using it since about 1988, but didn't get my own (used from a classmate) until a few years later.

Before that, I had an old IBM PC my uncle gave me. One of those huge noisy desktop things, complete with Hercules graphics card, amber screen and turbo button, that took ages to boot up, but played Space Quest II and King's Quest III in all its monchrome glory. Got a few books on MS-DOS and how to write batch files, and that's where the fascination with computers began, I guess :)


Before CPC I had a Philips Videopac G7200

Was it a computer ? Not really. A game console ? Not only... Something in between.
I really loved it, and hope I can find a working one to add to my collection one day.
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Shaun M. Neary

None, my CPC464 was my first.

Although playing around on my uncles Vic-20 earlier that summer is what really started me down that rabbit hole. :)
Currently playing on: 2xCPC464, 1xCPC6128, 1x464Plus, 1x6128Plus, 2xGX4000. M4 board, ZMem 1MB and still forever playing Bruce Lee.
No cheats, snapshots or emulation. I play my games as they're intended to be played. What about you?


Quote from: The Electric Monk on 05:37, 15 April 24played Space Quest II
I'm sorry you had to play the WORST Space Quest!

I recently played them all in order and:

- Space Quest I (and the VGA remake) is great, even if some parts (watch for the things that shine to avoid a dead end!) are improvable.

- Space Quest II looks super cute and has a great setting and nice ridiculous story, but there are way too many puzzles that require hints (remember trying using every object with yourself to see what happens!).

- Space Quest III is a much more solid effort and has great music. It's mostly rational, but you better pay attention to some "holes" that you need to access in the junkyard, including how to jump inside a little spaceship: there are some diabolic "choose the right verb" moments.

- Space Quest IV is probably the best one simply because of the "tongue" and "nose" action icons (and many hilairous dialogs), but remember to type every code you see!

- Space Quest V is beautiful and plays fluidly, but it fails to make you laugh and that's a bit of a problem. It's the best Star Trek game ever.

- Space Quest 6 is... Definitely the most ugly and directionless one because Mark Crowe was not there anymore and Scott Murphy only worked on it for the initial or final (don't remember) development half. Still, the puzzles are more solvable than SQ2, but keep in mind you can't really "win" at the Street Fighter parody machine by normal means!



Back to the topic, my dad had a 48k Spectrum before the CPC, where I played my first game (Cookie). I'm not really sure, but I suspect the rubber keys were there. Later, he bought... oh wait, that's another topic!


Tandy TRS-80 in Australia. It belonged to my best mate's Dad. My best mate just wanted to play Space Invaders and I just wanted to know how the keyboard could control that blinking green underscore on that crappy little TV. That eventually led to managing and consulting management of National & International computer networks. My first owned PC was the CPC6128 bought in 1986 to study a Diploma course in Data Processing. Great machine.


For one holiday I borrowed a Unipolbrit 2086, a Polish Timex 2068 clone, a ZX spectrum clone.

CPC 6128, Whole 6128 and Only 6128, with .....
NewPAL v3 for use all 128kB RAM by CRTC as VRAM
TYPICAL :) TV Funai 22FL532/10 with VGA-RGB-in.


My first and eternal love is the 6128.


I moved my vote from "other" to "Atari 8-bit" now that the option is available  ;D

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