Author Topic: Floppy drive with real ready signal  (Read 393 times)

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Floppy drive with real ready signal
« on: 20:05, 25 April 21 »
Hi. Does anyone know if in addition to the Samsung FD321 there is any other floppy drive that allows it to be modified to have a real ready signal? For example, that they give a "disc missing" error when accessing the floppy drive without any disk inside instead of the cpc crashing?
I have tried several mods that I have found for Amiga on a NEC FD1231H but they all leave the ready signal fixed.
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  • It's not broken, it just hasn't been fixed yet.
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Re: Floppy drive with real ready signal
« Reply #1 on: 20:11, 25 April 21 »
There's loads of drives that can be modded to give a real Ready signal. I'm sure there's a list somewhere, but I've no idea where. I'm currently using a Mitsumi D359T5 that can be easily converted, but I recently converted a whole bunch of different drives for one of our members and all could be converted without much of an effort.

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