Multiface Two works but will not return to the original running program

Started by Rabs, 15:31, 15 October 23

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I have a Multiface Two which appears to work in that, when I stop a program the functions work (i.e. tools).

But when I attempt to return to the original running program the CPC crashes/hangs (I get a black screen if running just BASIC and no beep on pressing DEL).

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When I try to set one of the CRTC registers, I do not see the value being stored (I took the idea from Noel's video on the Multiface Clone).

I was expecting to see &1C at &3A87.

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I am guessing that the problem may reside with the PALs. 

Anyone have any hints about what to look at?

Can I take the JED files from the CPC Wiki and create some new GALs to replace the PALs?

Thanks, any help much appreciated.


I'd try cleaning the expansion pins on both sides first to make sure it's not just a dodgy connection.



Replaced the right PAL (Orange) and my test now works and return to BASIC works. But only once. If I press stop again nothing happens. Is this expected?

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I replaced PAL 3 with the PAL/GAL decodes by Jose Leandro. See  CPCWiki Multiface II.

All appeared to work but I could only "stop" once. The second time I pressed "stop" nothing happened until I pressed "reset", which seemed to clear the problem an allow a "stop" again.

So I decided to replace the ROM and use the version by Jose Leandro and this worked and I can now "stop" multiple times.

I compared the ROM by Jose Leandro with the original 0E version from the CPC Wiki and there are differences.

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