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Resetting a Dandanator Mini

Started by Strike4711, 18:03, 05 January 24

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I'm currently trying to reset my Dandanator Mini after I have loaded the game "swords of ianna".
Allthough I have followd the instructions in the video of Amstrad Noob, I cannot connect to my CPC.
Has anyone an idea what the issue might be?

I have tested with V2.5 of the Dandanator tool.



Getting back to the loader screen may vary by which Cart was last uploaded. You may have to do some experimenting.  My notes on this. The Dandare website lists some methods of recovery too

Main site (spanish)

Setting up (Amstrad Noob)

Prebuilt ROM sets

To upload non-standard ROM sets:

File > Preferenaces > Loader
Set COM port : COM13
Send Custom File
512K ROM pack

Close window, then click on EEPROM Writer window (small dots LEFT and then RIGHT button. Repeat if not in upload mode)
Dandanator must be in upload mode

**Mojon twins ROM: Boot with LHS button to get into Loader mode
**Note: Other ROM sets may have built in loader in the menu or button options
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Thank you so much. I will check this out.


The option #2 for resetting as described on the Dandare website worked great  ;)

Thanks again ...

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