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Started by JTN, 12:54, 31 December 22

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At least some Amstrad PCW8256 models had this "oA Office Automation" logo on the spare drive bay. What was that about? It's been bugging me for ages.
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Was this some cross-product marketing classification by Amstrad (and if so, did it actually appear on any other products), or some government and/or industry scheme?

(I remember seeing UK models with this. I don't know about other markets, although this suggests at least Italian models did too.)


It is a sub brand from Panasonic - I don't know more...
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So it is! And a very long-standing one. Examples from the 80s in
this video, and in use recently enough to make an impression on the Internet. This website looks like the dregs of the branding. Thank you!

I guess this might be related to Amstrad's choice of the 3" drive. I know Panasonic-branded disks existed; CPCWiki talks about Amstrad's deal on the drives; and this source claims without citation that Panasonic were involved.


I purchased my PCW 8256 when they first were available late 1985. and my machine has this logo.

LONG ago, I got some Panasonic branded 3" disks, I still have them, I still use them, and they show no sign of this branding (I still have the original J-Card inserts).



"When Epson claimed proprietary use of the term LQ (letter quality), the fur began to fly, as Amstrad decided to apply this to its range of printers. It was fun at the time, but the action fizzled out when Epson climbed down. But the real irony of all this is the fact that the term PCW was lifted (from Minolta, which had earlier launched the PCW1 computer wordprocessor). And the cute OA (office automation) logo on the PCW badge appears to have been originated by Panasonic, and since Amstrad is a large customer of Panasonic's, I guess an expedient blind eye was proffered."




I've checked the PCW8256/8512 manual (both a hard copy and a scanned one from PCWwiki, both third edition), and the trademark acknowledgement page (PDF p6) doesn't mention this one, tsk.
(OK, I don't know whether it was actually trademarked.)

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