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PCW8512 Disk A Damaged?

Started by Roni, 03:02, 11 September 13

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Hello guys,

I am cleaning up a PCW8512 to put it to work, but it seems that it is not detecting a floppy inserted in the drive.
Drive lights up, and the disk motor spins, but the stepper motor does not.

I have connected another floppy drive that is known to work, and it booted to CP/M. That makes it clear that its drive has a problem.

I replaced the belt just in case the old belt was too loose, or something, but it still does not work... that is, I insert a floppy and the stepper motor never spins.

Can this be really a problem with the drive? Are these drives repairable? Is it something else?
I appreciate any tought and tips,


Yes, this really could be and most likely is a problem with the drive. The fact that the swapped drive worked fine proves that the floppy controller and connection to the drive is fine. The motor or head could be jammed, the motor driver may have failed or the connection to the motor is bad.
Try measuring whether the stepper motor is getting a signal, then you'll know whether it's the floppys PCB or motor that's causing the problem.



After a 'rest' of some longer time it can not be wrong to replace the drive belt. They are to get at ebay for reasonable prices.

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