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Amstrad CPC on an Exoplanet

Started by Prodatron, 12:56, 28 May 23

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Amstrad CPC will be used in the future on Exoplanet Kepler 6B (at least in someones imagination):

(see 0:17) :D :D

No idea about this movie...
I wonder if it will be published outside Spain (?) as well?



Quote from: Prodatron on 12:56, 28 May 23Amstrad CPC will be used in the future on Exoplanet Kepler 6B:
just in an imaginary world ;-) Actually it totally makes sense to see the Amstrad in that movie. 

Really nice to see the Amstrad in a 2023 movie. 


Haha that's great  :D
is the movie any good? 

Anthony Flack

Nice, and it's got one of those projectors that projects the screen onto your face, just like in Alien. Now if only there was a scene where Roland in Time was being projected onto his face...


The second part of the trailer brings to mind Leon.
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