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Amtix 2023 Annual

Started by seanmcmanus, 11:53, 30 September 22

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There's going to be a hardback Amtix annual this Christmas. It's A5, 116 pages. There will be 30 pages of new content, with the rest being the best of the last 5 issues of the AmtixCPC magazine. I'm one of the writers on it, and it's looking great!

Orders are being taken by Fusion Retro via Kickstarter:

There's a free calendar now for each order, and they have some nice Amtix mugs with Oli artwork on to buy, too.

The Kickstarter only runs for another week but it doesn't look like it's been mentioned here so I thought I'd post it.

The Amtix magazine is up to issue 5 now, and continues to support the CPC scene with reviews of new games, alongside some look-backs at old games and technologies.



That's great to hear.  :)

I've got the Crash and Zzap ones in previous years and I'm really excited there's an Amtix one this year.

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