Announcing Sonic GX - a new episode of Sonic the Hedgehog for Amstrad GX-4000

Started by norecess, 17:18, 01 November 19

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Quoteno need to hurry.  8)

That's exactly my state of mind regarding Sonic GX.

I'm not providing any release date anymore because I honestly know it will take time (years) to complete the project and reach the quality we are targetting.
Plus, I'm getting many events in my private life this year that slow down my productivity.

If you want an info about the game, we are currently working on the Bonus Stage, which has to be both technical / fun to play. It's basically another game in the game ahah!!

So no worries, all is fine -- it's my only project for the Amstrad and the game will ship one day for sure :)
I'm keeping the fun at creating this game and that's the only thing that matters for now :)



thanks for the update! 

My deepest respect for the ability to keep up your motivation for years. Take the time you need. 


Amazing!! I just wonder if you made sonic a bit smaller, would help, and center the screen a bit higher.

I've been replaying Sonic 1 again, MD, sometimes enemys catch you out as you jump.

Thats the issue with Sonic, he moves so fast, its open to off screen enemys catching you unaware.


I think that will not help at all, because it is based on the Game Gear version. But, who know!
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Maybe you could make Sonic a bit more wearing some overalls, maybe a red cap and also a mustache would be pretty cool, I think. I also strongly believe (and thusly expect you to obey) that there should be some mushrooms to play with (you get the grip) and the game would be a lot better with tubes allowing you to go underground. Please implement all my suggestions as to make your game not a total failure. You're welcome. 

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