Bruce Lee II

Started by Bruno R. Marcos, 02:07, 06 July 13

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Bruno R. Marcos

Hi there,

My name is Bruno R. Marcos, I'm an indie video game developer, I am writing here because I was an amstrad user in my younger days. There where many games that I wished they had a sequel, like Bruce Lee, so as that didn't happend, I just wanted to let you know that I'm giving the final touches to my own sequel and wanted to share this news in this cpc forum.



That's awesome!  :)


Heheheh this is lovely, been waiting for it! Didn't get far (how do you pass the fifth screen, with the water at the bottom and the vines under the wall columns?), but it's very charming :) It'd be great if you could switch between c64 and CPC on the fly! Also, maybe you could make the music to play in-game?

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