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Debris by Pulpo Corrosivo

Started by toms, 21:06, 21 August 22

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We released a 40K intro for Hicks' 40th birthday! You can download it here:
Enjoy it!


Impressive! Good production.


Beautiful little piece of art. 


Really lovely, enjoyed watching that! 


Nicht übel! Aber wenn ich rauskriege, dass jemand die BSC-Version vom Scrolltest liest, gibt's Ärger! 
** My SID player/tracker AYAY Kaeppttn! on github **  Some CPC music and experiments **
Other music **  More music on scenestream (former nectarine) **  Some shaders

My hardware: ** 1985 Schneider CPC 464 with CTM644 (originally a GT65), dk'tronics 64k extension, 3" and 5,25 disk drives, A/B drive switch, Multiface 2, custom Amsdos-ROM with integrated SMon, switchable 6128 ROM, reset and pause switches. ** Amstrad CPC 6128 with CTM (same as above), M4 board, GreaseWeazle.

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