Some spring cleanup at the cpcsdk project

Started by PulkoMandy, 11:12, 09 April 17

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Hi there,

As you may know, there is a cpcsdk project on github where we try to gather open source tools for Amstrad CPC cross-development. For historical reasons, a lot of it was in a single git repository.

Today I finally took the time to split out several tools into independant repositories, making it easier for others to pick and use just what they need.

You may now use separately iDSK (DSK file editor), hideur_maikeur (add/edit AMSDOS header on your files), libstsound v2 (StSoundLibrary modified for more accurate AY3-8912 emulation), gfx2crtc (convert PNG pictures to the CPC screen format). They are all command line tools, designed for use in makefiles or other automated build systems. No mouse-based user interface here.

There are several other tools still stored in the "cpctools" repository. We will split them out as time allows.

Enjoy it all!



I just made a new release of cpcsdk (v0.3.3). The only change is a bug fix in createsnapshot which was not compatible with 64bit systems. I think this will mostly affect the Mac OS and Linux versions, as the Windows one is distributed as a 32bit binary.

You can find the downloads here:

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