Batman Group's latest production...

Started by rexbeng, 23:07, 10 December 22

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Downloaded via lubricator on my A1200 a few hours ago, and watched it on the real thing.
Just amazing.


Looking forward to trying this on my A1200, looks fantastic!!!

I thought it was an AGA demo, wow if it's OCS.
6128 for the win!!!


Batman Group does it again!!!
Epic presentation and music, I lost it on the TBL joke at the end.
I made two disks and tried on my A1200 with 68030 accelerator (even though the demo is pure OCS A500 but I don't have one) and it works fine!


That is very cool and yeah runs on Amiga 500. :O
Fave part was all them triangles forming the big Batman towards the end. 

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It's a huge level up, especially for an Amiga OCS 1M
Everything is smooth, the storyboard is perfect and the soundtrack is barely awesome :o
use RASM, the best (and fastest) assembler ever made


Yes that was indeed an amazing show and, yes, Rhino even took his puns to the next level (referring to the TBL/crow). Rhino & friends really do know their game. There's only one thing I get puzzled about; the more I believe they are capable of doing the GOAT demo on OCS Amiga, the more I wonder if their 'batman-theme' fixation will in fact hold them back from achieving this. Of course in the end it's the fixations that drive us, but still I wonder.



I usually dislike the Paula sound but here they show how good it can be. Truely amazing that this comes out of an A500.


is it possible to add a survey about how many times you saw the demo since it came out? ;D
use RASM, the best (and fastest) assembler ever made


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