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Johnny Winter is gone.
« on: 01:04, 19 July 14 »
Johnny Winter is gone.

And this truelly annoys me a lot.
 This dude is a freaking (not so) underrated legend... the perfect crossover between furious 70's (hard)Rock and flamboyant blues... with unparalleled touch and slide.

I could see him and haven't even take a photo as I was almost wetting my pants like a little girl, he signed my old "still alive and well" vynil though...

it was like, last year ? fuck !!! I could shake your hand, texas Guitar Slim, you freaking legend... thx for your whole life achievment... Elric of "MelniBeaumont" (Texas)...
humans may die, but legends still stay on, alive and well.

now the stars are jamming with you forever.

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