three-inch drives in other systems

Started by angelcaio, 11:56, 23 February 22

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I open this thread just to share a curiosity.
I only knew Amstrad and Tatung as systems that used the Hitachi 3-inch format.
But I was surprised to find this ad in Byte magazine from March 1983 (  ) announcing a three-inch drive for the IBM PC.

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The Sega SC3000 had a companion unit with a 3" drive.

On the silly side of things, you can connect a FD-1 disk drive to a Dragon disk controller and it will work  :)


The Spectrum +3 would be another notable example (although that's basically Amstrad again)

Though people forget that back in the early to mid 80s the choice of disk drive wasn't really as clear cut. It was really IBM "blessing" the 3.5" format, by including it on their PCs, that subsequently led to it's dominance and making most of the other variations obsolete.


Check out this beauty for the Famicom. The engraved brand was tested by the disk drive, to ensure it was an original disk.


The company Amdek made a dual 3in Disk drive for the Atari XL/XE too.



The drive is boasting 1 megabyte unformatted capacity. That must be across two disks surely?
An expanding array of hardware available at (and issue 3 of CPC Fanzine!)


"unformatted capacity" is a marketing con, the value is entirely unverifiable (after all, you can't use the disc until it's formatted) and therefore essentially meaningless.

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