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Another CRPG in development

Started by Arnaud, 20:32, 06 February 22

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i'm working on this project for more than one year, initially it should be a Pirates! clone for the cpcretrodev 2021.
But finally my game did not fit in single load for 64kb machine and was really too close to the original then i kept the engine for doing another game.

This game is CRPG mixing exploration and turn based fight, i am thinking about fer et flammes while making it.
For now, it uses disk and needs only 64kb for working, with a 128kb machine there will double buffering and maybe single load of all data in memory.

The whole map is in memory, and i'd like not to have disk access while walking.

This is a really preliminary version and a lot of work is needed, but i wanted to show something.



quite a surprise !!! I will follow you closely!  :o :o :o :o :o
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Wow, this looks fab! Looking forward to your progress in this project!


Looks great, I'm loving the different screen modes being put to good use at once :)
An expanding array of hardware available at (and issue 4 of CPC Fanzine!)


Did you think of making it for cartridge? All your memory limitations would be vanished and you could have bigger maps, more music, compiled sprites...


This looks absolutely excellent.
That's a very unique use of split screens!


Quote from: ervin on 13:02, 07 February 22
This looks absolutely excellent.
That's a very unique use of split screens!
Watching the screens remembered me a mix of Defender Of The Crown with North & South, and a mock-up I have done to redo the hero's selection in 2015, when the source code was released.

"You make one mistake in your life and the internet will never let you live it down" (Keith Goodyer)


i just made a video to present the fighting system in its current state :

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